Top 5 Sharm El Sheikh Day Trips

It’s that time of year when we’re all after a little winter sun, and holidays in Sharm El Sheikh are ever-popular. The combination of the hot sun, lovely beaches, wonderful diving and plenty of cheap deals on offer means us Brits can’t get enough of the place.

Since most Sharm el Sheikh hotels are set in their own large resorts and offer extensive all inclusive packages, for most visitors a holiday to Sharm is simply a chance to stay put, enjoy the food and the warm weather. There are some amazing day trips if you fancy a day out though, and here are our favourites.

Coloured Canyon

Coloured Canyon
image by Adamina

Recognised as one of the world’s best rock formations, you’ll have to be up and about early to make the most of this day trip, as to get the best of the route (and avoid much of the heat) arriving around 9am is ideal. It’s best to go with a tour so you can relax and watch the arid desert go by before embarking on the walk. This will take you through the canyon, past towering rocks in a multitude of colours. It’s an easy walk for the most part, with only a few slightly tricker sections, but we think if you can negotiate baggage reclaim you’ll be fine here.

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai
image by piddy77

As the site of St Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest Christian Monastery in the world, Mount Sinai has plenty of religious significance. The summit is also home to a Greek church where according to legend the 10 Commandments were given to Moses, although you can’t go inside. You can also see the “Burning Bush” and an ancient amphitheatre, as well as rock carvings. There are two routes up the slopes. The so-called “easy route” takes about two and a half hours (less if you opt to travel by camel!) the alternative is the 3750 “Steps of Penitence”!

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed Underwater
image by ComunicaTI

If you can’t get enough of the diving on your doorstep in Sharm El Sheikh then you have to visit this national park. Head to Marsa Ghozlani for the visitors centre or join a tour. With most of the park encompassing mangroves and coral reefs you’re in for a real treat. Reefs and shipwrecks abound under the surface and there are spots for all skill levels, so talk to the guide before you book about what you want to see and how competent you are at scuba diving or snorkelling.

Tiran Island

Tiran Island
image by LaMalula

Technically part of the Ras Mohammed National Park, you can get to Tiran Island by boat and make the trip yourself quite easily from Na’ama Bay. It’s a great starter place for snorkelling or diving with shallow lagoons, coral banks and interesting wrecks almost wherever you go. Gordon Reef and Jackson Reef are the most popular but it’s easy to find your own little spot. Organised boat trips often come with lunch included.

Feiran Oasis

Sun at Oasis
image by Randwill

The largest oasis on the peninsula, the Feiran Oasis is often called the Pearl of Sinai. Steeped in religious significance, the oasis is littered with ancient buildings. But you’ll probably notice the 30,000 palm trees and the orange and lemon tree groves first! This lush landscape is a jewel in the desert, and you can even climb up to see it from above. The mountain peaks of Jebel el-Banat and Jebel Serbal both offer amazing views over the oasis and the desert.

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top image by Jacob Wodzynski