Top Holiday Spots: 60 Years On

The Diamond Jubilee has made us think about how much we’ve changed our holiday habits as a nation since the Queen came to the throne. We’ve seen the advent of low-cost air carriers offering cheap flights to all sorts of exotic locations, as well as people becoming more affluent. But where would we have gone on holiday 60 years ago – and what’s happened to these favoured destinations now?



This was one of the first destinations for the package holiday crowd, with wealthy Brits heading here for the great weather. And not much has changed today, apart from the prices have come tumbling down, meaning that it’s even easier to soak up some of that Majorcan sun.

Cote d’Azure


Destinations like Nice, Cannes and St Tropez still exude the same glamour as they did 60 years ago. These timeless towns on the Mediterranean coast are all about expensive yachts and looking chic – you needn’t sail there though and cheap flights to Nice can be our little secret!


Michael D Beckwith

In its heyday, Blackpool was the epitome of British seaside resorts. The bustling pier, the fish and chips and donkey rides were the main attractions, and although most of us now take our holidays abroad, Blackpool still has plenty to offer. Blackpool Tower, the Illuminations, the Pleasure Beach and the Winter Gardens are all on hand for a great getaway.



Reserved for only the wealthiest, Cuba was popular before tensions with the USA increased. Easy access to gambling as well as stunning beaches meant it was a huge attraction for those with the cash to get there. Thankfully, Cuba is much more accessible today, with the capital of Havana and the beaches at Guardalavaca just a low-cost plane ride away.

Holiday Camps


Holiday camps like Butlins were hugely popular – everything laid on from food to entertainment for a great price was much more than most people could hope for. They’ve got a bit of a bad rap recently, but the truth is it’s pretty hard to beat them for a fantastic value family holiday. Nowadays, expect anything from huge waterparks to archery, ziplining and more on offer.