How To…Save Money On Your Holiday!

Holidays: They cost money. Sometimes, lots of it. Here at dealchecker we’re (obviously) pretty into the idea of avoiding floundering in the financial doldrums just because you want a bit of sunshine. Whilst finding a great cheap deal is half the battle, there are other ways you can cut costs that might just keep you out of the red.

1.)  Consider when you travel. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will get you the cheapest fares because they are the least popular days to travel. Also important to take into account is when to actually book your flight. The best time to shop around is Monday afternoon to Wednesday mornings. It’s usually most expensive to shop at the weekend.

Image by Swami Stream

2.) Getting cash out of ATM’s can be a real wallet foe. A great way to get around this is to get a cash passport, which you can get from a variety of different places. I used one when I visiting New York earlier this year and it really makes life easier – and helps you avoid those pesky charges.  Also, Nationwide customers have got it sorted when it come to going abroad: this bank remain commission-free in Europe and it does not charge per-transaction fees which, at some banks, add a further £1.50 to the bill.

3.) If you’re hiring a car, it can be a good idea to take photos of it when you pick it up – the hire companies will often catch you out on windows, wheels and the undercarriage, so carefully photograph them. At the airport, you’ll be encouraged to purchase extra insurance at around £10-£15 a day, with warnings in varying shades of grim if you don’t. Don’t bother; buy independent cover before you fly – it will be cheaper.

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4.) Your phone can mount up costs whilst your abroad. Before you leave, have a chat with your network and enquire what the best way to keep roaming charges down is. You’ll usually be able to find a good price plan – but in some cases you have to opt in before you travel to get the cheapest call rates. Remember, you pay to receive calls as well as make them while abroad – texting is the low-cost option.

5.) This ones pretty simple. Suntan lotion tends to be cheaper in the UK than abroad. You can figure out the rest.

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6.) If you don’t care, don’t do it. Many people get sucked into doing things on their holidays that they feel like they ‘should’ do. Streamline your holiday so you’re doing exactly what you want to to do – your wallet AND your general happiness will thank you!

7.) Spread the cost out: why not hire a holiday home that sleeps eight and invite family and friends?  Divided by lots of people, prices for the rental, food, and just about everything else decrease!

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8.) We’ve heard is pretty nifty at finding cheap holidays…(!)