Your Travel Horoscope: Aquarius

We here at dealchecker have decided that what you all desperately need in your lives is your very own monthly travel horescope to guide you on your way to nomadic bliss. You might have noticed that we’ve recently instated our very own travel agony aunt to deal with your problems on the physical plane, but what do such paltry concerns matter when it’s written in the stars? Incidentally, it just so happens that it is my birthday tomorrow, not that that gave me the idea for this blog or anything, *ahem*. So fellow Aquarians (great star sign, by the way), here are our travel predictions for your year ahead:

Where you’ll travel:

Aquarius’ are the most adventurous and free spirited of all the signs, which makes them perfectly suited to travel. This quality means that whilst they are a cause of irritation to many at home because of their flighty, drifting personalities, they are a perfect companion to the ever winding road. Mystic Dealchecker predicts that this year the aquarian will find him or herself drawn to places that offer an entirely different dimension to their lives; whether its India, when all they have ever visited is Italy, or Africa after spending every summer in Sweden – this will be the year that the Aquarian discovers an entirely different culture and way of life. Naturally open minded and curious, the Aquarian will embrace this wholeheartedly but will have to take care not to disconnect from the world at large entirely.

Who you’ll travel with:

Fiercely independant, brave is he who dares to travel with an Aquarian. Whilst they have many friends and a few very close friends, an Aquarian does not need, or often want a companion to feel safe or comfortable, so will feel perfectly content travelling alone, picking up friends along the way. dealchecker predicts that the Aquarian will this year set off on an adventure to climes further than they have ever ventured before. They may visit with someone they care about, but if you are that special someone, don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and they have disappeared for the day. Do not feel threatened by this – it’s just the Aquarians way, they cherish time alone, and they will always come back.

Go forth and conquer fellow Aquarians – the world is your oyster!

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