Bizarre Laws Around the World

One of the best things about travelling the world is that you get to see the small – and big – differences that define each country as unique. From culture, to religion to food; diversity is what makes the world interesting, and nowhere is this demonstrated more than in this list of the worlds most weird and wonderful laws!


Almost 60% of the country is covered in trees, and the government wants to keep it that way. Therefore, it is illegal to climb trees in Canada. It would appear that this squirrel did not get the memo.


In Victoria, Australia, only licensed electricians are legally allowed to change light bulbs. We tried – and failed – to think of ‘how many people does it take…’ joke here – if you can think of one, we’d love to hear it!


Apparently us Brits are not legally allowed to eat mince pies on Christmas day. We somehow doubt that your local cop shop are going to raid your house if they see you scoffing one on the big day though.


Think before you flush… It’s illegal to flush your toilet after 10pm if you live in an apartment building!


If you plan to skinny dip at a Full Moon Party, remember where you put your stuff! It is illegal in Thailand to leave your house without your underwear on!


Singapore is one the most unnervingly clean places in the world, but its not without some effort. Besides the ban on cigarettes, it is also illegal to spit and chew bubble gum!