What’s Hot September 2017?

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As British summer comes to a close and the nights start to draw in, it can be easy to fall into an autumnal funk. However, we’ve rounded up the celebrations this month that will keep your spirits high!

Life is Beautiful – Las Vegas

The UK’s festival season may be coming to a close but there are destinations where the party is still going strong. Over in Las Vegas, the Life is Beautiful festival marries incredible live music with art instillations and seriously sunny surrounds. This year’s line up sees world-famous artists like The XX, Gorillaz and Chance the Rapper perform, ensuring that it’ll be a truly great party.

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Oktoberfest – Munich

Munich‘s famous Oktoberfest, rather confusingly, runs from the 16th September until the 3rd October. Whilst its name might be misleading, it offers everything else that we have come to expect of Oktoberfest. There are vast jugs of beer, live music and a convivial atmosphere rarely found outside of the Christmas period. When you’ve had your fill of drinks at the beer tent (if that’s possible) why not explore the fairground rides or pick up some local German food at one of the many tents on offer.

picture of two beers

Galway Oyster and Seafood Festival – Galway

Galway might have reached new levels of fame following that Ed Sheeran song, but there’s always been plenty to draw in tourists in this seaside city. From the 22nd – 24th October, the city plays host to the Galway Oyster and Seafood Festival, the world’s oldest oyster festival. During the event, there is the chance to watch the Oyster Opening Championships, listen to foodie talks and, of course, eat lots and lots of oysters!

picture of oysters

Indiana Balloon Festival – Indiana

As children, we loved the idea of having an airborne picnic, swaying gently from side to side in a hot air balloon. However, it wasn’t until we became aware of hot air balloon festivals that we rekindled our love for this bizarre mode of transport. The Indiana Balloon Festival takes place in the Monroe County Fairground and gives spectators the chance to watch as these multi-coloured balloons ascend into the air. Alongside this impressive spectacle, there are night glow events where the balloon’s propane lights create an ethereal glow once the sun goes down.

picture of hot air balloons

Happy holiday hunting from the dealchecker team!