Where are the Most Popular Countryside Escape Locations in England?

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The English countryside has been romanticised for years, mostly due to the number of classic books that are set in its bucolic surrounds. Literature like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit create a fairytale atmosphere that is associated with such scenery. Leafy, picturesque landscapes create a blissful and relaxing ambience, making these areas incredibly popular among those embarking on staycations or countryside adventures. 

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is located in south-west England, and is well known for its stunning hilly landscape and dreamy meadows. The most popular destination in the Cotswolds is Chipping Campden, which is best loved for its whimsical cottages and cobblestone streets. Additionally, there are a number of wholesome and attractive luxury cabins scattered throughout the region, many of which back onto lakes and are fitted with wood-burning fires, Jacuzzis, and rowboats! These log cabins are absolutely stunning and make for a wonderful staycation venue for a romantic getaway, or family night away. 

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photo of a castle in the cotswolds with sheep in front on a hill

The New Forest

Known for its leafy surrounds and wild horses, the New Forest is one of the UK’s most loved national parks and can be found in the county of Hampshire. In addition to being a place where many couples choose to retire, this beloved national park is also adored by holidaymakers embarking on a countryside escape. The New Forest also boasts a number of campsites, including a range of luxury spots that feature a spa, gym and swimming pools! Alternatively, there are also a number of impressive hotels and stylish accommodation options within this national park which makes it ideal for those seeking a weekend getaway somewhere more remote.

photo of some horses on a hill covered in flowers in the new forest

The Lake District

If you’re a fan of immense scenery and nature swims, the Lake District could be the place for you! From the glittering teal lakes to the magnificent hills, this area is quite the spectacle. Additionally, the Lake District is famous for its variety of scenic walking trails and photographic landscapes, making it particularly appealing to photographers and hikers! The Lake District is home to a number of towns and villages, the most famous being Keswick, Grasmere, Coniston, Hawkshead, and Kendal. Aside from the incredible landscapes in this area of England, the small towns and villages within the Lake District are incredibly quaint and charming, ideal for exploring on a rainy day. 

phot of the view from one of the hills in the lake district

The Peak District 

The Peak District is a national park located in the same region as the Lake District. What makes these two areas distinctly different is the range of mountains that can be found in the Peak District. Additionally, the Peak District is slightly smaller than the Lake District, making it easier to explore within a short period of time.

If you’re a fan of mountain climbing or blissful countryside walks, the Peak District is an excellent option and boasts a number of spectacular viewpoints ideal for photographers to capture the remarkable scenery. The most popular hills and mountains within the Peak District are The Roaches, Win Hill, and Shining Tor, among others. Additionally, peaks like Higher Shelf Stones and Kinder Scout are particularly famous: the first is located in the Bleaklow area and is home to a warplane wreck from the 1940s, making this area appealing to history buffs. Alternatively, Kinder Scout is the highest point in the Peak District and stands at 636 metres tall, home to the beautiful Kinder Downfall which is the tallest waterfall in this national park. 

photo of a pink sunset from one of the peaks in the peak district

Shere, Guilford

While Shere is most famous for being the set of Iris’ hometown in the adored Christmas film The Holiday, this part of Surrey is absolutely stunning and has a really homely atmosphere. This village has a small population which adds to its remote yet romantic character. Despite its size, Shere village centre features traditional wood-beam houses and cottages, as well as cosy pubs and a range of small shops. This village’s charm is one of the main reasons why it was chosen to feature in The Holiday and represent the appealing English countryside. Whether you come to Shere to go on a tour of the filming locations, or to embark on a country trek, this lovely village is well worth a visit. 

photo of the village church and graveyard in shere in guilford