Whoah! We’re (Virtually) Going to Ibiza: The White Isle Experience at Home

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This week we’re continuing our series of recreating our favourite holidays at home, by taking a (virtual) trip to Ibiza. Famed for being the party capital of the world, this is one of the main places we’ve been dreaming about during lockdown, as our nights out became nights in front of the TV. But, if the party life isn’t for you, Ibiza also has yoga retreats and quiet villages and beaches on offer, making it a great place to take a break from the bustle of everyday life.

While we can’t travel there at the moment, we can take a few simple steps to recreate the party or the peace at home.

Step One: Beach Views

Second to parties, Ibiza is known for the legendary sunsets that settle across the coast in vibrant reds, pinks and blues of an evening. So, why not make this the background to your at home Ibiza holiday? Just load up one of the three glorious beaches available on
this live webcam on your computer or SmartTV. For a party vibe opt for the hub of the party Sant Antoni de Portmany, or for more of a chill atmosphere switch to Cala Vadella. During May and June, the sun sets around 8pm GMT.


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Step Two: The Sound

Ibiza attracts some of the hottest talent in house and techno music, as it’s a place where they can play around with all musical genres from jazz to reggae, to create irresistible beach party beats all summer long. For those that need their sleep, partying at home and not at the super clubs has its advantages, as often the main acts don’t come on until gone 3am. At home you can tune into Mambo Radio anytime of day for island beats. Café Mambo is the must-hit pre party location, where revelers can kick back on the beach with a cocktail and enjoy the sunset while listening to world famous DJs at work.


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Step Three: Refreshing Cocktails

Did someone say cocktails? Unfortunately, we can’t supply you with a free-pouring Spanish mixology genius, but we can offer you a few recipes (courtesy of Ibiza foodie) using the traditional Ibizan liqueur of Hierbas Ibicencas, to make your Ibizan experience that bit more authentic. Made from herbs and botanicals from the island, this after dinner aperitif has a similar taste to aniseed and is a great addition to some of your favourite cocktails. It is said in Ibiza that a glass of Hierbas Ibicencas after dinner will not only help your digestion, but also increase your longevity. ¡Salud!

Step Four: Ibizan Feast

Post siesta, it’s time to start the evening with a delicious feast of local seafood. There are a few local delicacies to choose from here from hearty stews to mixed grills, so we’ve chosen one that is a little more familiar to us, as it is a variation on the British holidaymakers favourite, paella. Fideuà is a dish originally hailing from Valencia, and is now favoured by the Ibizan locals. Replacing the rice with vermicelli pasta makes for an easy swap to make at home.


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Step Five: Relax

Pre party, post party or instead of the party, a trip to Ibiza needs some form of relaxation and recuperation. In recent years yoga retreats have become popular on the island and one of the best is Yogarosa Retreatswhich sits nestled in a scented pine forest. During lockdown they’ve released a guided meditation video for you to try at home.


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Still Not Convinced?

If you’re not sure that this isle is the destination for you, you can join self-proclaimed ‘Travel Man’ Richard Ayoade as he takes you and Jessica Knappett on a whirlwind 48hr tour of the island. One to shy away from the raves or anything that involves dancing, Richard shows you that the jewel in the crown of the Balearic islands has more to offer than the parties it is famous for.


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Ibiza 2020/2021

Can’t bear missing out on the 2020 Ibiza season? We’ve got holidays and flights starting from September, so you can soakup those notorious closing parties or just the last days of sun. But make sure you check the local travel information before booking.