NY Resolution #1: Go Walking – Holidays to Help

Ah it’s that time of year when we resolve to overhaul our whole life, making it healthier, happier, more productive and so on, and 2012 is no different here at dealchecker HQ. But when the hangover starts to clear even simple resolutions can more like a mountain than a molehill. Especially when it’s howling a gale, raining cats and dogs, and freezing cold – it’s enough to make your willpower scuttle off back under the duvet!

Never fear though, we’ve got some great ideas on how to kickstart some of your resolutions, and today I’m taking a look at getting yourself out and about walking. Walking is great for fitness, especially if you’re normally at the couch-potato end of the scale, and since you need nothing but a pair of comfy and sturdy shoes it’s cheap too!

City Tours

Many of the UK’s cities have free walking tours, which can be a great way to spend a few hours walking and learning about a new place – you won’t even notice the achey feet! If going around in a group doesn’t appeal to you, thanks to self-guided tours you can download from the internet it’s just as easy to treat yourself to a few hours strolling around a big city. Plus, if you take yourself around it’s simple to stop off for a coffee or a rest whenever you want!

Walking Holidays

Spring is the perfect time to take yourself off on a UK walking holiday, as the weather is not too hot, although you’ll definitely want to be prepared with some wet weather gear! Heading to the Lake District is a great way to get a mix of walks as well as some stunning views, you could walk around one of the lakes one day and head up a mountain the next. There’s plenty of walks for everyone from a first-timer to a seasoned veteran, get searching online or splash out on a book for motivation.

Charity Walks

If all else is failing, why not up the pressure on yourself? Signing up for a charity walk is a great way to motivate yourself AND do something good for someone else. There’s a whole variety to choose from whether it’s a 5km walk around Cambridge, a night walk in London or whether you want to really go for it with a huge challenge such as a Mount Kilimanjaro climb! You’ll need to raise a fairly steep minimum amount for overseas walks, but just a few pounds can see you joining in with most of the UK charity walks.

Why not use our search tool to look for cheap UK breaks and take your newfound love of walking around the country?

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