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Thanks to its many long roads and scenic views, Australia is a great destination for a road trip. Similar to America but with less petrol stations and food joints - make sure you stock up before leaving on your car journey. You can hire cars from all major Australian airports.

Get behind the wheel

It's a big country, covering 5% of the world's surface, so there are some long drives in-between cities. If you're heading to the outback, make sure you have a map, it's also a good idea to let your rental company know you're heading there as a few areas are not covered by insurance. If you decide to head across Aboriginal land, you will need permission and be sure to close any gates that you open along the way. If there's a whole gang of you, why not rent a camper-van and an experience a true group road trip.

Cars are also useful if you're moving about a lot in Australia's the huge cities like Sydney, saving you time on waiting for public transport and letting you dictate your own pace.

Popular drives in Australia

Stuart Highway - Positioned right down the middle of Australia from Darwin through to Alice Springs. There also happens to be no speed limit, although we advise you not to get too carried away.

West Coast - Whilst driving down the west coast, you'll get the opportunity to stop off and see some of Australia's most exciting cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road - If you're into exploring, then take the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide, where you'll see one of the most spectacular sections of the Australian coast.

Highway 1 - The longest highway in the world which is over 250,000 km long. If you've got the time, this is the road trip to take. It takes you right around the rim of Australia, don't underestimate it though, it'll take you nine months to do it properly. Only for the hard-core road trippers with time on their hands.