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Hiring a car in Greece

You'll find history and beauty around every corner in Greece, with its exceptional archaeological sites and breath-taking beaches. As well as fantastic scenic drives around the mainland, your Greece car hire will let you explore some of the hundreds of islands that are scattered around the bright blue seas. Pick your car up at one of Greece's many airports, such as Athens Airport. The road into the capital city is quick and easy although you may need to pay a toll charge so check your route beforehand. Be aware that driving through busy cities can be hectic. You might find some twists and turns along the quieter roads in the rocky, hilly areas and islands so drive with caution.

Places to visit around Greece

If Athens is your starting off point, be sure to visit the majestic Acropolis that looks over the city. Explore the Peloponnese by taking the scenic Athens to Argolis route through stunning vineyards. Pass over the Corinth Canal and stop off at Nafplio on the seaside for a bit of beach time. From here you'll be able to explore the spectacular theatre at Epidaurus and the imposing ancient city of Mycenae.

Continue westward to hop over to the Ionian Islands, including Zante with its picturesque Shipwreck Bay. Or visit romantic Santorini in the south where you can enjoy a gorgeously fresh Greek salad with sunset views. Or explore Greece's largest island, Crete, where you'll find secluded coves, ancient attractions and fun beach activities at the resorts around the coast.