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Greece is literally covered in history - as one of Europe's most ancient civilisations both the mainland and its 200 or so inhabited islands are dotted with fascinating ruins and grand monuments to the past. Hiring a car will give you the means to explore more of them - plus you can drive to some stunning out-of-the-way beaches, and stop off in those picturesque traditional whitewashed villages en route.

Getting behind the wheel

Whether you're zipping around an island or exploring tracts of one of the remote areas in Greece, hiring a car is a good way to get around. Car hire is well priced and easily sourced - even if you're just hiring for the day. Check out our comparison search tool to see just how reasonable it is for yourself. A valid UK driving license will be enough to hire a vehicle out. They drive on the right hand side of the road in Greece. When driving in cities such as Athens, have some caution as you?ll find a lot of the drivers have none themselves.

Places to visit in Greece

Athens to Argolis - Expect to see hilly orchards and vineyards on this route. Stop off on your first night in the seaside town of Naupila which has beautiful Venetian houses and elegant mansions. You'll also get to experience the ancient ruins of Mycenae and the third-century stone theatre in Epidaurus.

Ioannina to Meteora - This drive is definitely about the scenery. You?ll be spoilt with plenty of lakeside towns, beautiful monasteries in Meteora and the jaw-dropping Pindus Mountains.

Mount Psilorítis, Crete - Drive via Týlissos and Anóyia where you?ll sample some stunning views of the valleys around Mount Psilorítis.