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If you're looking for wonderful food and passion - lots of passion - then Italy is the place to visit. By hiring a car you'll be able to explore more of what this country has to offer. Stop-off along your route and enjoy some pasta - Italians love their food - or a pizza, whilst enjoying some of the finest scenic drives in Europe.

Hiring a car

If you're touring across Italy, then hiring a car is the best way to do it, especially if you're heading away from cities and taking scenic country drives. Major airports will most likely be where you pick your car up and as long as you have a valid driving license, renting up a car should be a fairly straightforward process. If you're driving in cities like Rome and Milan - we urge caution, the locals are certainly a passionate bunch and that can sometimes carry over into their driving.

Popular drives in Italy

Alcantra River Park, Sicily - The Alcantara gorges are natural coves of volcanic origin, with walls up to 50-meters high. On your way there, take a visit to the old town of Santa Maria della Raccomandata and the medieval village of Motta Camastra - which is the home town of the gorges.

Amalfi Coast - Lying along the southern flanks of the Sorrento Peninsula is one of Italy's most scenic stretches. This drive will take you through pastel-hued villages, pretty hillsides, green-swathed mountains and past turquoise waters.

Great Dolomite Road - If you want some breathtaking views, then take the 100 kilometre drive through the most scenic peaks of the Dolomites. The road takes about three-hours to drive, but if you have some extra time, we recommend taking a detour to enjoy some lovely little villages and top up on your mountain views.

National Park of Abruzzo - The regions of Abruzzo are just a two-hour drive east of Rome and provide the chance to see some stunning countryside views along your journey. In the park, you can head to the mountains and enjoy the untouched small towns situated in the park along the way.