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During holidays to Toronto you will be able to immerse yourself in the city's multicultural heritage and distinctly Canadian feel. It is deeply linked with cultural events thanks to the international film festival but it is also a great place to enjoy the local sport of choice, hockey.

Hiring A Car In Toronto

By choosing car hire Toronto will be opened up to you and the car hire Toronto Airport supplies should be stocked with good value options. Canadian roads are safe and relatively easy to navigate but it might be sensible to invest in a car with satellite navigation as the expanse of this nation can be overwhelming and getting to cheap Toronto hotels will be easier.

Places To Visit In Toronto

Because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere there is always something to do in Toronto. When the film festival arrives at the end of the summer the city comes alive and those who love food can dine in fine restaurants serving ethnic cuisine produced by settlers from across the globe. If you use car rental in Toronto to get around then you might want to take a trip out to Niagara in order to visit the famous waterfalls or head along the edge of Lake Ontario to soak in the natural beauty that abounds in this part of the world.