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Believed to be the oldest city in Finland, Turku is a picturesque town in the southwest of the country. The city was the nation's first capital and up until the 1840s it was the largest and most important city in in Finland. Nowadays it's still an important centre of business and culture as well as the location of various cheap Turku hotels.

Hiring a car in Turku

Whilst the city does have a proficient public transport system there are also various places from which you can get cheap Turku car hire allowing you a bit more freedom to explore the region at your own pace. The car hire Turku offers is available from a range of retailers and once there, car parking spots are fairly easy to find.

Places to visit in Turku

With cheap flights to Turku and Turku car hire organised you will just have to decide which places in this beautiful old city to visit first. The city has everything from ancient castles and cathedrals to various museums and national parks as well as playing host to a major music festival in the area. Turku also boasts numerous shops and a vast selection of eateries.