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Bordeaux has been restored, refreshed and given a new lease of life over the last decade and it is now easier than ever to enjoy its various sights and sounds thanks to the pedestrianisation of many of its major thoroughfares. It has definite charm and feels youthful thanks to the burgeoning student presence.

There are various districts within Bordeaux and each has something different to offer. Head to Les Quais if you want the best nightclubs or enjoy a nice stroll along the shore. Meanwhile Gambetta Square is where the city takes on a Parisian feel, and the Pedestrian Centre is the place to visit for retail and eating out after brief Bordeaux flights. Of course, the area is widely known for its wine as well, so take a day trip to a vineyard - the end of June is when you'll find the annual wine festival.

Flights To Bordeaux

It takes roughly an hour and a half for a flight to Bordeaux to arrive from a UK airport. All flights will land at Bordeaux Airport, sometimes known as Merignac after the town in which it is located. At six miles out of town, a typical transfer on to hotels in Bordeaux takes around 20 minutes after Bordeaux flights land.

Getting Around Bordeaux

The airport is large and it is home to various cheap Bordeaux car hire firms which means you can rent a vehicle and get on the road yourself. If you want to avoid congestion in the city then there are buses and trams, the latter of which are perhaps more useful to tourists as the lines operate at regular intervals until 1am.

St Emilion, nr Bordeaux

UNESCO World Heritage Site St Emilion, near Bordeaux

Bordeaux River and St Michel Cathedral

Bridge over the Garonne River with St Michel Cathedral

Bordeaux Old Town

The 18th Century Old Town

Square by the Bourse, Bordeaux

Square by the Bourse

Porte de Bourgogne, Bordeaux

Porte de Bourgogne

Chateau Margaux

The famous wine estate of Chateau Margaux

St Andrews Cathedral, Bordeaux

St Andrews Cathedral, Bordeaux

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