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  • 1 Tenerife has two airports - Tenerife North and Tenerife South, with most flights arriving at the busier Tenerife South. Wherever you are going, onwards transfers won't take too long here.
  • 2 Don't take an indirect flight! There are so many direct flights from airports across the UK it's not worth wasting your time and you won't save money either.
  • 3 Some of the cheapest departure airports are generally Luton, Stansted, East Midlands, Bristol, Manchester and Gatwick, but you should also check your nearest.

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Cheapest Flight Deals to Tenerife by Month

Tenerife is popular all year round thanks to its beautiful sunny climate. Luckily, flights to Tenerife are available throughout the year and are never likely to break the bank - plus with a little planning they can be really quite cheap indeed!

Flights to Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, which lie of the coast of Morocco. It takes around four hours for a flight to Tenerife from the UK to land on the island. A variety of flight operators offer direct flights all year round, which adds to the appeal. In peak season as well as during the depths of winter, you can get flights to Tenerife from many of the regional airports, not just the big travel hubs, so you won't have to venture too far on home soil.

Travel to Tenerife

Tenerife has two airports, Tenerife North (Los Rodeos), and Tenerife South (Reina Sofia). The northern airport is smaller and is generally used for inter-island flights whilst Tenerife South handles the majority of the international arrivals. Tenerife can also be reached by ferry from Cadiz on mainland Spain if you fancy a slower pace of travel.

On arrival in Tenerife

There are three bus lines from Tenerife South Airport, heading for Tenerife North and Puerto de la Cruz, Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos in the south, and the main bus station at Santa Cruz. There is also easy and cheap car hire so the majority of visitors to Tenerife choose to drive themselves.

Getting around Tenerife

Car hire in Tenerife is easy to arrange, and a popular way of exploring the island independently. There is also a pretty comprehensive bus network serving Tenerife so you can certainly explore the coast by bus, although inland services are less frequent. Buy a BONO bus card at bus stations to save 30% - 50% on your travelling costs.

Travelling further afield

Regular flights and ferries between the Canary Islands mean that you can easily partake in a bit of island hopping during your stay on Tenerife.

Tenerife Weather

With little rain and warm temperatures throughout the year, Tenerife has earned itself the name of the "Island of Eternal Spring". Summer temperatures average 27°C and in winter the average is 21°C. Higher altitudes experience colder temperatures, so in the winter it is usual to see snow topping Mount Teide.

Tenerife Tourist Season

Temperatures can vary across the island depending on wind conditions and altitude, but Tenerife is an excellent destination for year-round sun. There are two distinct peak seasons. During December to February tourists come to visit the cultural spots in northern Tenerife. May to October draws a young crowd to the beaches and bars in the south of the island.




€ Euros. Currency can be exchanged or obtained from an ATM at plenty of places in the south, but currency exchanges are rarer in the north. Make sure you go prepared if you head into more rural areas in Tenerife .


The official language of Tenerife is Spanish. Although throughout the tourist hotspots in the south English is very common and Italian and German are also spoken.

Dialling codes:

+34 for Spain then 922 for Tenerife. Mobile numbers begin with (0)6.


UK tourists only need carry a valid UK passport to enter Tenerife.

Current Foreign Office Advice for Spain

Where to stay in Tenerife

The choices almost seem endless if you're after a package holiday, and even more so if you're booking your flight and hotel separately. The big resorts of Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos are all in the south, and this is where you will find louder nightlife and plenty of Brit-centric attractions. If you prefer to just take advantage of the great flight prices but then head off to explore some of the unseen Tenerife, try Santa Cruz de la Tenerife and La Laguna.

What to do in Tenerife

Holidays in Tenerife can be as relaxed or as active as you want. There are all types of water sports on offer at the main beaches, and if you want adventure, set off into Mount Teide National Park. You can also spice up your holiday by coinciding your stay with one of 2013 or 2014's festivals and carnivals. Loro Parque and Siam Park are also fun day trips out for the whole family. For more ideas on saving money in Tenerife click here.

El Duque Beach, Tenerife

The beautiful El Duque Beach could be in the Caribbean!

Masca Canyon, Tenerife

Get away from the beach and explore the beautiful interior too

Masca Village, Tenerife

The tiny Masca Village sits in amazing surroundings

Mount Teide National Park, Tenerife

Mount Teide National Park is probably the best-known sight on the island

Santa Cruz Old Town, Tenerife

Santa Cruz Old Town makes a great day trip

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