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Cheapest Flight Deals to Bermuda by Month

The island of Bermuda is a favourite getaway for the rich and famous, but its white sand beaches and idyllic blue waters are not just reserved for the bigwigs. It is geared towards all holidaymakers and so a flight to Bermuda will surely see you arriving in the lap of luxury with plenty of opportunities to relax and recuperate.

Flights To Bermuda

Bermuda flights will take about 10 hours if you are flying from the UK and there are direct flights available from some airports. Cheap flights to Bermuda arrive at L.F. Wade International Airport and it is 20 minutes drive away from Hamilton, the capital and a good place to find cheap Bermuda hotels.

Getting Around Bermuda

Oddly it is not possible for visitors to use cheap Bermuda car hire firms to rent a four wheeled vehicle, although you can rent scooters and bikes if you want to get around after Bermuda flights. Taxis will get you around relatively quickly and you can make use of the sufficient public bus network if you want to see the sights on the cheap.

What To See In Bermuda

Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda and within the city there is plenty of opportunity for entertainment. Restaurants serve top cuisine whilst the nightlife is always buzzing. The fort on Scaur Hill is worth visiting if you want to see where colonial troops took part in parades and the drawbridge at Somerset is worth seeing as it is officially the smallest of its kind in the world.

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