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Spain was one of the first package holiday destinations that became popular with us Brits, and not much has changed since. If you want a relaxing holiday in the sunshine, chances are it will start with a flight to Spain. The only difference is that many small villages that once had their main industry as fishing are now bustling tourist resorts with all the trimmings. It's not all about the beaches though, with great city breaks in Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Bilbao and more! There are so many locations to choose from, get yourself on a flight to Spain today!

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It's easy to find a flight to Spain, with regular departures to a whole raft of Spanish airports from across the UK. If you're after a beach based resort break it's definitely worth looking at holiday packages as there are some great savings to be had, particularly if transfers are thrown in as well. Expect to be on a flight for between two and three hours, depending on where you're leaving from and which Spanish airport you're flying in to.

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