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All you need to know about holidays to Ancona

Offering a slice of traditional Italian life with all the trimmings that come with a buzzing city, Ancona is a great base to explore Italy's diverse Marche region.

If typically tacky tourist destinations aren't for you, Ancona should be a breath of fresh air. Located on the Adriatic coast, the city's managed to avoid being overdeveloped and is the perfect place to soak up history and culture.

Pottering around, you'll find yourself passing plenty of important local attractions from the historic palazzo to the 11th Century Duomo. There are fascinating museums offering glimpses into the area's past, such as the Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche, and impressive art galleries displaying works by world-famous artists.

Outside of the city centre, there's much to explore whether you're looking for a beautiful beach to top up your tan or want to hike through mountainous countryside. Why not hire a car to see all this region has to offer?

Best Time to go to Ancona

The summer months are ideal if you plan to enjoy some of the beaches surrounding Ancona with temperatures easing into the mid to late 20s during July and August. You'll also find this is a good time to book a flight to Ancona for site-seeing too, as it rarely gets hot enough to be uncomfortable. August is the wettest month, but that said, rainfall is pretty minimal.

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