Quick Guide to Bulgaria

The attraction of holidays to Bulgaria is on the increase. Bulgaria holidays combine old world culture with a new world outlook that gives every tourist the chance to discover something unique.


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How To Get To Bulgaria

There are four airports that receive flights for Bulgaria Holidays. The largest airport is in the capital, Sofia and it's served by a wide variety of airlines that offer cheap Bulgaria flights. The other airports are at Varna and Bourgas, the party capitals of Bulgaria. The fourth airport is at Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria and once the capital of the Bulgarian Empire. To get from the airport to the hotels at Sofia and Varna it is best to use one of the contracted taxis.

What To Do In Bulgaria

In Sofia you might visit the Hagia Sophia or the National Art Gallery, amongst a wide range of others. Varna holidays offer some cultural attractions but as a major tourist centre the focus is on leisure and pleasure. It has a vibrant nightlife with the top night clubs including Extravaganza, A-Lounge and Bonkers among others in the beach district. If you're on a budget then cheap holidays in Bulgaria will satiate your need for escape.

Where To Stay In Bulgaria

The type of accommodation you choose is likely to reflect your preferred type of holiday. In Sofia there is a range of districts that will cater for those who are looking for something cultural or something centred on partying. In Varna there are plenty of hostels for the footloose. There is also a good range of midsized hotels located near the coast if you fancy getting away from it all. Finally, there are some big resort style, all inclusive hotels in places like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.