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When you're searching for cheap city breaks you really want to pay attention to the details - an overpriced transfer can add on £££s when actually it would be quicker to take the metro. You also don't want to spend ages searching for the best price - this is just a short break after all! Our recommendation is that you use the search tool above to quickly compare city break prices between some of the biggest names in travel. If you want to travel for a little longer we offer the same search tool on our cheap holidays page.

If you're more into DIY holidays then use to look up cheap flights and find bargain hotel deals for your city. We cover all the major city break destinations in Europe and the USA: you'll be able to piece together cheap New York city breaks for some Christmas shopping, compare prices for Paris hotels in spring time, and find flight bargains to Barcelona.

City break enthusiasts should also keep an eye on the Real Deals section of our site, because our team of travel experts regularly find incredible offers on city breaks and send them out as part of our weekly newsletter's top 20 hand-picked offers. When you like an offer in our Real Deals newsletter you can book safe in the knowledge that we've done all the hard work for you: we've checked out the prices, found the best dates to travel and highlighted any hidden charges. In short - the holiday really is as good as it looks. can save you money after you've booked your city break too. If you fancy leaving the city to check out surrounding areas then you'll want to compare prices on car hire. And of course, just because you're only going for a few days doesn't mean you can skimp on insurance - but do make sure you get the best price going on your travel insurance here.