Quick Guide to Gambia

The Gambia is fast becoming a popular destination with tourists in the UK and beyond. Famous for beautiful beaches, tropical villages and an amazing array of wildlife, there's plenty that this small West African country has to offer tourists. At just 500km long and 50km wide, the country is easy to travel round and boasts a coastline of around 85km.


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How to get to the Gambia

Return flights to Banjul (Gambia's capital) are relatively easy to find and low costs can be found during winter or the rainy season. However, many tourists opt to book a package holiday to Gambia with one of the large tour operators as there are often bargains available.

Banjul International Airport is around a twenty minute drive to the tourist areas on the coast. Most travellers without transfers opt to catch a taxi from the airport which will usually cost under £10.

What to do in the Gambia

Most tourists visiting the Gambia head to the beaches to relax. However if you want to see more of this beautiful country the interior full of untouched rainforest, amazing wildlife, and fascinating villages you can visit:

- The sacred Kachikally Crocodile Pool near the coastal resort of Serrekunda invites (willing) tourists to pet giant crocs - each of whom has a name!

- Abuko Nature Reserve is easy to reach by public transport from both the coastal resorts and Banjul, and has monkeys, Nile crocodiles, snakes and birds galore.

- Located on the coast, Bijilo Forest Park offers beach dwellers the chance to escape the sand for close contact with cheeky monkeys.

- Bintang Bolong is a giant lodge on the Gambia river offering boat trips and activities (such as baby croc spotting) for those who wish to explore the natural landscape of central Gambia. The camp works closely with the local community, employing villagers and supporting hospitals.

When to go to the Gambia

Gambia has a warm climate all year round, although is prone to tropical thunderstorms during the rainy season (June to September). The weather can vary considerably during this period but many tourists decide to travel to Gambia out of season because the prices are much lower. The peak dry season is November to May, with the winter months offering cooler temperatures.