Quick Guide to Ireland

All you need to know about a holiday in Ireland

Ireland is famous for its friendly and welcoming people, after all a holiday destination is only as good as the people who inhabit it right? Fortunately you won't have to look too hard. Whether you're staying in the vibrant and lively cities of Dublin and Cork, or exploring rural countryside in places such as Mayo and Kerry, you're sure to find some typical Irish hospitality. It's a country that's not to be missed and with quick direct flights from the UK, there really is no excuse not to visit and experience all its charm.


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How to get to Ireland

Ireland is very well connected to the UK and getting a flight is quite easy. Airlines such as Ryanair, Air Lingus and others have direct flights to one of the country's four airports. Tourists coming south from Ulster can also cross the border by rail from Belfast Central, while various ferry companies cross the Irish Sea from ports such as Liverpool, Holyhead and Fishguard.

Once you've arrived, you may want to hire a car if you plan on exploring a lot of the rural countryside areas.

Where to go in Ireland

Ireland has a variety of options if you're looking to spend some time there. Dublin is the obvious choice, the capital of Ireland is a famous city in its own right and there are plenty of things to do. It's full of fine restaurants, exciting nightlife and lots of attractions. Oh, and let's not forget the Guinness! After all, the tour through the brewing process at the Guinness Storehouse is Ireland's top tourist attraction. With a few more days in Dublin check out the National Wax Museum, Dublin Zoo or take a tour of the spooky Kilmainham Gaol (jail) where you can get a dramatic insight to how the prisoners used to live.

Cork, located in the south west is another great city to visit. It's one of the oldest of all Irish cities and is bursting with charm and culture for you to explore. We recommend checking out the Everyman Palace or Cork Arts Theatres, walking through the Butter Museum and market (trust us, butter has never been so exciting and tasty before) or visiting the Holy Trinity Church.

If beautiful sea views and hills covered in luscious green grass are more your thing, then take a trip to County Mayo and bask in the beautiful scenery. There are lots of activities, such as long country walks, cycling tours, golf and water sports. They even have a few nice beaches to visit if you go in the summer time. There are also lots of arts festivals going on in the counties of Mayo for you to check out.