Cheap Holidays to Lisbon

Tips on finding your right holiday deal

  • 1 Direct flights to Lisbon depart from London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Liverpool - others will be indirect and more expensive.
  • 2 Prices don't change too much throughout the year but summer tends to be a little more.
  • 3 For the best value city break visit mid-week, or at least try to avoid the peak travel days of Fridays and Saturdays.

All you need to know about holidays to Lisbon

Like the star jewel in any crown, Lisbon sparkles that little bit brighter than anywhere else in Portugal. Spread across looming hillsides that peek over the Rio Tejo, Lisbon manages to put forward the qualities of other European capitals without, well, over-egging the pudding (Overdoing it, basically). Dramatic gothic cathedrals jostle for space with monasteries, museums and whispering, narrow backstreets - indeed they are all part of the chattering cityscape that attracts so many to this beautiful city.

How to spend your day

Like many European cities, Lisbon is a place made for strolling. Jump on one of the jewel coloured trams that trundle their way through tree-lined avenues, watching old Lisboetas gossip in the public baths and breaking bread at miniature fastidas restaurants (Where the traditional melancholic singing Fado is practised, dontcha know). Window shop in glamorous Chiado then spin, sing, dance and clap your way through the dynamic Bairro Alto, where packed bars and restaurants line the streets, pulsing with the sound of jazz and reggae.


To put it simply; Lisbon is a photographers dream. Everywhere you look there?s a delicious visual treat waiting for an aesthete?s hungry eyes - check out Belem Tower, the Jeronimos Monastery, the Gulbenkian Museum, the Tile Museum and the Oceanarium. Just to name a few. Psst...You can get free or reduced admission to most of the attractions with a Lisboa card (Our money saving doesn?t just stop at flights and hotels, y?know!)

How to get to Lisbon

There are direct flights to Lisbon from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Bristol airports, and these tend to be cheaper than indirect flights by quite some way. Lisbon's airport is practically in the middle of the city, meaning that onward transfers are speedy. You can travel onwards by a variety of methods.

Mild winters and warm summers mean there's not a bad time of year to take a city break to Lisbon. Summer tends to be the most expensive because of the nearby beaches, but you can find deals all year round that won't break the bank.

Where to stay in Lisbon

There are plenty of cheap holidays in Lisbon to be had, with a choice of areas depending on what you want from your stay. Nowhere is particularly expensive so go wherever you want! If it is nightlife you're after, then you'll want to stay in the Bairro Alto which boasts something of a street party atmosphere at the weekends. For a quieter or romantic break, check out the oldest districts of Alfama and Castelo. Shopaholics should stay within easy reach of the Avenida da Liberdade and the Principe Real is generally the hippest area with the trendiest boutiques. To stay a little out of the way of the main action, but close to many of the main sights you could also consider a stay in Belem on your city break in Lisbon.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Lisbon

  • Museuo do OrienteAn absolutely wonderful museum that really makes the most of Portugal's ties with Asia. Housed in an absolutely HUGE warehouse there is so much to see both beautiful and a little bit mental!

    posted by jshea

  • Music MuseumAs a music lover and avid player I was enthralled by the instruments here. I would have loved it to be a bit more hands on but I guess many of them are too valuable!

    posted by kschere

  • MUDEThe design and fasion museum is totally awesome. As a fashion student I could have spent all day here, although my bf had other thoughts. So many iconic pieces you have to go if you love fashion.

    posted by gwylie

  • Berardo Collection MuseumThis is perhaps Lisbon's hidded gem, it seems to have flown under the radar of many a top 10 list, but it's totally fantastic. A collection that you could only dream of, modern art galore.

    posted by gwheeler

  • Elevador da GloriaThis funicular was certainly the highlight of my kids' Lisbon holiday, and I must say I was rather charmed by it too. It's absolutley picture-perfect and into the bargain takes you between the two best parts of the city!

    posted by xstough

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