Quick Guide to Luxembourg

The EU's second smallest state, Luxembourg is a centuries-old city that is still steeped in culture, period architecture and beauty. This really is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in all of Europe.


Our Top Tips for Luxembourg Holidays

During your holiday in Luxembourg it is wise to make an effort to engage with people in the native tongue (Luxembourgish), even this simply amounts to saying "Moien" as a greeting. While French and German (and generally, English) are almost universally understood, being seen to have a go in the local language can endear you to the populous, and even earn you better service in bars and restaurants. A little effort can go a long way. The city is generally pretty relaxed and reserved as capitals go, so don't expect the city centre to become too rowdy or wild, even during the summer.

What to Do in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a relatively small capital city, but there is plenty to get excited about. Within walking distance of the city centre hotels in Luxembourg sits the Casemates Bock, a fascinating network of underground 18th Century fortifications which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guided tours of the Bock are available, but if you'd rather stay above ground, then the stunning Ville Basse valley is well worth a stroll around. The American Cemetery is also a beautiful war memorial that history buffs shouldn't miss, while the Sofitel Hotel Bar and Restaurant offers fantastic local favourites with a panoramic view of the city.