Quick Guide to Lyon

Whilst Paris is France's capital and biggest tourist draw, Lyon deserves as much attention for its thriving prosperity, historic culture and lively social scene.


How To Get To Lyon

Most people who book a flight to Lyon will be heading for the international airport situated 25 kilometres from the city. Here you can book car hire from Lyon Airport and incorporate this cosmopolitan city into a wider French travel plan, or stick with a taxi or bus to delve into the city whilst being driven by a local.

What To Do In Lyon

The oldest area of the city is protected as a site of importance by UNESCO, so if you have never been on Lyon holidays in the past make sure you give it a look. The quality food available throughout France hits a peak in Lyon where competing restaurants offer fine dining at affordable prices. With many museums, an aquarium and regular exhibitions of the arts there will always be something to occupy your attention during holidays in Lyon.

Where To Stay In Lyon

If you want to stay in the heart of the city on a Lyon holiday then there are various boutique and mainstream hotels on offer, alongside bed and breakfasts and small family-run affairs that are typical of any French destination. Alternatively you can choose one of the campsites located around the edge of the city. Camping is great if you are after cheap holidays to Lyon and want to explore its wonders without having to stay in an expensive rented room.