Quick Guide to Mumbai

One of the biggest cities on earth, Mumbai is famed as India's most cosmopolitan and eclectic city, as illustrated by its thriving Bollywood movie scene. Why not come and experience your own dash of Eastern spice?


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Top Attractions in Mumbai

As the home of Bollywood, it would be foolish not to experience it while on your holiday in India. Film City, one of the centres of the Indian movie industry is in Goregaon, and you can take guided tours of its studios and sets, and even watch real Bollywood movies being filmed. There are also loads of big-screen cinemas in the area where you can watch India's unique brand of musical cinema. There are also numerous Hindu temples and several national parks around the city for when you're all Bhangra'd-out.

Where to Stay in Mumbai

As you may expect from a city with over 20 million inhabitants, there is plenty of choice when looking for somewhere to stay. There are a large volume of hotels in the centre, but these are not generally the cheapest, although there is a very reasonable YMCA. If you want the best value for money when it comes to hotels in Mumbai then your best bet is to head south of the centre or to the area near the airport, where accommodation prices come down considerably. You will also be closer to the beach, which is no bad thing. For short stays, there are plenty of hotels within a few minutes' drive of Sahar Airport.