Quick Guide to Peru

From the magnificent Machu Picchu to the vibrant capital of Lima, there's a wealth of places to see during a holiday in Peru.


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Saving Money in Peru

One thing you don't have to spend a fortune on during a holiday in Peru is food. There are plenty of cheap eats to be found all over the country, from the traditional ceviche (fresh fish in lime) found in coastal areas to papa rellena a delicious dish of mashed potatoes, meat and veg. Most small restaurants (look out for the word chifa) offer set meals including a soup, main and drink for just a few pounds. Hotels in Peru also tend to offer pretty good value for money, especially those classed as three-star, and can even be as affordable as hostels!

What to Do in Peru

For those arriving on flights to Peru, one of the most popular attractions in the country is Machu Picchu, the site of an ancient Inca city. Among the most famous and stunning sets of ruins in the world, it's a must visit. The Nazca Lines, a mix of geometrical figures, long lines and giant drawings in the desert sand, are found in Peru's southern coastal region and are another very popular draw. The capital of Lima is busy and bustling with a great mix of old and new - head to the bohemian Barranco district for beaches and buzzing nightlife or to the Historical Centre for colonial architecture, presidential palace and cobbled streets. Other highlights include Lake Titicaca, Manú National Park and the ancient mud city of Chan Chan.