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Editor - With all the time she's not on the beach, editor Alice dedicates herself to checking over the details of all of the deals you see on the website. She finds it strange speaking about herself in third person. Meet Alice »
MD - Mark joined us from comparethemarket.com, and whilst we were sad to see that he didn't bring any bossy Russian meer-cats with him, we're happy to soak up a little of his extensive experience in the world of travel! Meet Mark »
Marketing Analyst - A bone fide data whiz, Liam works behind the scenes at dealchecker to find out exactly what kind of deals you lot are most interested in and making sure that our deal hunters are picking out the best possible offers! Meet Liam »
Accounts Executive - As part of the accounts team, Yvonne pulls the purse strings at dealchecker. She makes sure we're spending exactly what we should be - so our deal hunters can make sure you are too! Meet Yvonne »
Subscriber Acquisition Executive - Think of Liz as the Mother Hen of dealchecker. Her job is to look after all our valuable subscribers so that you get exactly what you want landing in your inbox - no more, no less! Meet Liz »
Deal Hunter - Our team of dedicated deal hunters search high and low to bring you the cream of the crop - and Rosie is one of our best! She gives our sales team all the support they need out there in the big bad web to hunt down those fabulous offers for our weekly newsletter! Meet Rosie »
Deal Hunter - If there's one thing that the second Liz on our team knows how to do, it's find the most exciting travel offers on the web and pack them into our weekly newsletter. That is, when she's not jetting off on to exotic climes herself! Meet Liz »
Deal Hunter - If you're after a great deal, Crisna is your best bet! She works to make sure our newsletter and site are stocked with the best holiday deals from around the web and there's a lot out there... so that's no mean feat! Meet Crisna »
Email Editor - Wonder who writes up those juicy deals every week? Hannah's your gal! She's got those newsletter offers down to a fine art, plus she's also in charge of our Twitter account, so hop on over there for a chat! Meet Hannah »
Content Writer - As part of the editorial team, Eve is responsible for all those wordy things, like writing up our top twenty deals, giving expert travel advice on our blog and chatting away on our Facebook account! Meet Eve »
Content Writer - Em cut her teeth getting great deals during her unfeasibly long time as a student, so she knows how to get the most out of every pound! Meet Em »
Developer - If we were the sort of company that liked using flouncy metaphors, we'd say that Nigel and his techie colleagues were the drivers in charge of steering the dealchecker machine. Luckily, we're not that sort of company. Meet Nigel »
Financial Controller - Rob's in charge of the money at dealchecker; as Financial Controller it's his job to exert some, well, control over the old purse strings! Whilst he's pretty good at that, he's also pretty good at spending his own money on festivals and holidays. We approve, obviously. Meet Rob »
Junior Developer - Ali is part of the ever-expanding dealchecker tech team. Our developers make our weird and wonderful ideas for improving the site a reality - because we've never subscribed to the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' school of thought. Meet Ali »
PPC Manager - The internet can be a confusing place, we know this. That's why we need people like Vanessa on board to make sure that you can find our amazing holidays and flights out there in the online abyss! She also makes a mean cupcake. Which is equally important, we think you'll agree. Meet Vanessa »