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    Jamaica Travel Guide

    What runs through your mind when you imagine your dream holiday? Here at dealchecker, we picture white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal-clear water - and…
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    13 Fun Facts we’re not Jamaican up

    Jamaica might be renowned for its paradise beaches, laid back culture and iconic musicians, but there are many other reasons this island is as unique…
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  • Jamaica is Irie

    Jamaica is Irie

    Irie means 1) powerful and pleasing 2) excellent 3) the state of feeling great. And we can’t agree more. This Caribbean island has had more…
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From Single to Shingle: The Best Beaches in Jamaica to Get Married On
  Jamaica's snow-white sands and sapphire coloured seas make it an idyllic destination. And with sunsets red as blood oranges, getting to kiss the bride…
8 Different Ways to Adventure Around Jamaica
There are quite a few images that come to mind when someone mentions Jamaica. Beaches? Most definitely. Sunny weather that puts England to shame (as…
Jamaica: Beyond Reggae – Alternative Jamdown Experiences
The biggest island in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Jamaica has a heart, personality and reputation to match. With its glistening coastline of incredible beaches, year-round sun…