Jamaica is Irie

Irie means 1) powerful and pleasing 2) excellent 3) the state of feeling great. And we can’t agree more. This Caribbean island has had more than its fair share of press in 2012 thanks to super speedy stars like Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser and Yohan Blake – to name just a few of the very successful team that came to London this summer and swept all before them. So here’s our plea for an exchange programme. They come here and showcase their talents, we go there and enjoy their gorgeous island. And here are some of the things that are tempting us.



Negril Beach

It’s no secret that here at dealchecker we’re pretty beach mad. So we can tell you with authority that the beaches in Jamaica are some of the loveliest. Seven Mile beach in Negril may not actually be seven miles long, but with the Caribbean sea lapping its white sandy shores, who cares? And if you want seclusion then how about Treasure Beach on the south coast, firmly off the beaten tourist trail.



Jerk chicken

We’re pretty lucky over here in the UK that the “sunshine taste” of Jamaican favourites like jerk chicken, curried goat, ackee and saltfish and pepperpot soup are pretty readily available – so you can spice up your dining whenever you like. But nothing beats the taste of food cooked on a barbecue by the sea, or made with fish caught that day. And you know where they do Jamaican food the best? Jamaica!



Outside music!
dubdem sound system

It’s not just about Bob Marley here, although there are plenty of chances to visit important places where he lived and stayed – music is a big part of Jamaican life whether it’s steel bands by the beach, astonishing dance moves at the dancehall clubs, reggae recording artists and much more. Be sure to seek out some musical entertainment after the sun goes down to get a little more under the skin of what makes Jamaica so much fun.


Laid-Back Lifestyle

Hammock hut
Jack Parrott

Ever since seeing Cool Runnings as a girl I have always wanted a slice of that laid-back lifestyle that the boys (well, at least a couple of them) leave behind for their chance at glory in the snow. With the UK currently gripped by freezing temperatures, I can only conclude that they were mad. Give me a hammock, a good book, a cocktail and a day of doing absolutely nothing any day of the week!


Amazing Experiences

Blue Hole, Ochos Rios

Adrenaline fiends will find their joy in Jamaica by the waterfalls, with a jump into the Blue Hole, a short drive into the rainforest from Ochos Rios, being one of the best thrills. Alternatively, climb the Dunn’s River Falls for a slightly less terrifying trip! For animal lovers, a trip to Dolphin’s Cove is a must. The largest natural dolphin harbour in the world, you can swim with them in their natural environment. Ok, it’s not cheap – but we know where the cheapest flights are if that helps!


If that’s not tempted you to book a holiday to Jamaica pronto then perhaps you’re one of the people who chose ski over beach for their winter holiday on our recent Facebook poll. In that case – get yourself here for some great ski deals.