Chasing the Sun: Where’s Hot Throughout the Year?

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If, like us, you prefer to bask in the sun rather than suffer in the cold, then you’ll want to know which countries are worth visiting for a sun-soaked getaway no matter the month. We’ve shortlisted some of the top destinations around the world where you can find high temperatures and sand-strewn beaches throughout the year.

January: Australia

Av. temperature: 27°C

Beat the January blues by escaping to Australia for a trip of a lifetime! We recommend visiting Sydney, where the temperatures can rise to a whopping 30°C! You can spend your days exploring this impressive city, or luxuriating on some of its iconic beaches, including Bondi, Manly and Coogee!

photo of Bondi Beach, Sydney

February: The Caribbean

Av. temperature: 29°C

Let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a Caribbean getaway? While all of the islands are blissfully balmy during February, our top picks include Anguilla and Jamaica, where you can sip on rum-based cocktails and soak up the sunshine from a white-sand beach. Dreamy! 

photo of Jamaican beach

March: Dominican Republic

Av. temperature: 26°C

The Dominican Republic is adored for its scenic surrounds, powder-soft sand and scenic sunsets, making it a prime destination for a luxurious escape. What better way to kick start your spring than with a tropical week away?

photo of beach in dominican republic at sunset

April: Cancun

Av. temperate: 26°C

Cancun is absolutely glorious in April, when the temperature is nice and hot without being sweltering, making it the perfect place to ease yourself into the warmer months. Plus, Cancun is famous for its luxurious resorts and lively nightlife, which will be in full swing during ‘spring break’.

photo of cancun skyline and beach

May: Seychelles

Av. temperature: 28°C

If the sugary beaches and sparkling waters aren’t enough to draw your attention to Seychelles, then maybe the opulent hotels and lively marine life will! You can spend your days snorkelling with turtles or topping up your tan with a cocktail in hand.

photo of seychelles beach at sunset

June: Canary Islands

Av. temperature: 26°C

While all of the Canary Islands are warm year-round, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are particularly hot in June. The Canary Islands are a great option for sun chasers who’d prefer to holiday somewhere closer to home, without breaking the bank.

photo of fuerteventura beach

July: Greece

Av. temperature: 28°C

Kefalonia, Crete and Rhodes are amongst the hottest of the Greek islands during the month of July. If their golden-sand beaches and turquoise waters aren’t enough to have you hooked, then maybe the historical significance and delicious cuisine will persuade you. Plus, these islands typically reach highs of 32°C!

photo of crete beach

August: Andulucia

Av. temperature: 31°C

The temperature in areas like the Costa del Sol and Seville can climb to a whopping 38°C in August! While Spain in general is hot during August, Andulucia is particularly balmy and is home to some of the country’s best beaches, making it an excellent location for a fly-and-flop holiday.

Nerja, Costa del Sol

September: Bali

Av. temperature 27°C

Bali is the place to be in September, with its jungly landscape and tropical atmosphere. While flights may be on the pricey side, Bali is known for being incredibly affordable while providing visitors with a luxurious experience.

photo of a woman on a treetop swing in bali

October: Marrakech

Av. temperature: 28°C

If you’re somebody who enjoys visiting somewhere relaxing and warm with a rich history, then Marrakech could be for you. Here you’ll find a range of five-star hotels, as well as a lively city centre, great for exploring during days outside of the resort.

photo of an orange sunset in bali

November: Barbados

Av. temperature: 30°C

In November, winter is in full swing and the warm weather feels like merely a fantasy…but this doesn’t have to be the case. Barbados is glorious this time of year, with highs of 31°C, so why not escape to the sun before the festive season kicks in?

photo of barbados beach

December: Thailand 

Av. temperature: 32°C

Phuket and Krabi are two of Thailand’s most popular holiday destinations. You’ll be able to choose between soaking up the sun on sand-strewn beaches and exploring the local delights in these balmy hotspots.

photo of clear water and boats in Krabi, Thailand