Pancakes From Around The World

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Pancake Day is finally here. It’s one day a year that we can eat as many pancakes as humanly possible without being judged and let me tell you, we’re pretty excited over here at dealchecker! However, instead of sticking to tradition why not mix your pancake party up a little this year and throw in a few worldly alternatives?

France: Crêpes

In France, large, thin pancakes are made by swirling batter in an oiled pan. These pancakes are cooked on both sides and stuffed with your choice of filling from Nutella and banana for those with a sweet tooth, to cheese and ham for those who prefer a savoury treat. The pancake is then folded and ready to be served and enjoyed.

India: Dosa

The traditional pancake of South India is the dosa. Made from black fermented rice and lentils, the dosa is very thin and always savoury – the most popular filling is spicy potato curry, also known as Masala Dosa. These pancakes are often served with ghee, spiced pickle or chutney… very different to our traditional lemon and sugar!

Venezuela and Colombia: Cachapas

Popular roadside snacks in both Venezuela and Colombia, Cachapas are one of South America‘s most famous street foods. Made with fresh corn dough, this pancake variation is cooked and then folded over fresh melted cheese. Sounds like the kind of pancake we’d be more than happy to try.

Netherlands: Dutch Baby

Baked like a soufflé, the Dutch Baby is the Netherlands‘ answer to a pancake, and what an amazing invention it is! The batter is put into a cast iron skillet and then baked in the oven until it rises. It is then dusted with cinnamon, vanilla and sugar and topped with lemon juice and sometimes fresh fruit.

Austria: Kaiserschmarrn


Kaiserschmarrn is essentially a sweet, caramelised, shredded pancake that is usually served with a few extras such as nuts, fruit and raisins. Although traditionally eaten as a dessert in Austria, these shredded pancakes are on many tourist menus as a main course option. We’d be more than happy with that.

US and Canada: Buttermilk Pancakes

These pancakes need no introduction, and in fact, many of us will probably opt for this US and Canadian classic instead of our own traditional pancakes. Fluffy and thick and served with butter and maple syrup, there’s no disputing that buttermilk pancakes are some of the best out there.

Japan: Okonomiyaki

These savoury pancakes from Japan are made with egg, flour, cabbage and a choice of whatever else you want! Okonomi translates to ‘as you like’ and yaki means grilled, so there aren’t really any rules when it comes to making these mouthwatering morsels.

Denmark: Aebleskiver


They may not look like your typical pancakes, but according the Danes, they most definitely are. These balls of batter, often dipped in jam and sugar, could easily be mistaken for doughnuts, however they’re cooked in a specially-designed pan using all of the ingredients that make up the usual batter – so who are we to argue?

Ethiopia: Injera

This chewy flatbread is more than just a pancake in Ethiopia, it’s the foundation of many meals. Usually served with a selection of meats and vegetable stews on top, the whole meal is eaten with hands, using the pancake to scoop up each element of the dish.