Quick Guide to Anaheim

Anaheim is located in the Orange County of California and is the most populated city in the region.

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How to get to Anaheim

Holidays in Anaheim are easy to come by, with travel to the city relatively simple. A bus service offers both local and county-wide routes and the Metro offers connections between Anaheim and Los Angeles. There are also four airports in the near vicinity and a shuttle service to the Disneyland Resort. Car Hire from LAX Airport is also available on Anaheim holidays and is advised as the best way to get around.

What to do in Anaheim

Anaheim is perfect for the whole family as there are multiple attractions for all age groups. For those interested in sports, there are a number of sports teams you can watch with NHL, MLB and PASL-Pro teams all in Anaheim. Anaheim Garden Walk is a 440,000 square feet area of retail, dining and entertainment boasting a variety for everyone. The region is well known for theme parks and is perhaps most famous for the Disneyland Resort. There are also a number of other smaller theme parks throughout the region. Anaheim holidays provide something for everyone.

Where to stay in Anaheim

Many cheap Anaheim hotels are available throughout the region to compliment your cheap holidays in Anaheim. Book early to get the best prices, and if you're looking for luxury accommodation there is also a wide choice.