Quick Guide to Los Angeles

Listen up New York! Los Angeles is now the most diverse city in the United States of America, and what that means for travellers and visitors is that you can enjoy a wider variety of food, culture and attractions than ever before in "La-La Land"!

It's still the centre of the television film industry as well, so you could get up close and personal to famous sets and well-known filming locations, and perhaps even famous people if you get lucky. Looking out for film premieres is a great way to get close to the stars, although be aware the city can get very busy at these times, so you'll need to get booking nice and early!

It's not just things within the city limits that you should be exploring, even if you are searching for cheap holidays in Los Angeles. With the Pacific Ocean, valleys, forests, mountains and beaches all within easy reach it would be a crime to ignore them! One thing's for sure, you'll need to arrange a car hire from Los Angeles Airport to be in with a shot of packing as much as you want for your Los Angeles holiday.

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Did you know?

When the steel walls of the Walt Disney Concert Hall were made, they reflected so much light that nearby pavements hit temperatures of 140°F.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Los Angeles


The City of Angels is known for a lot of things, such as celebrities, extravagant parties, and amusement parks, to name a few. It's an incredibly vast city, however, so plan your holiday in Los Angeles before you fly or you might just miss something amazing.

Beverly Hills
Holidays to Los Angeles should include a look at Beverly Hills, even if it's just on a bus tour. Here you will find the Walk of Fame and the Entertainment Museum. Don't forget - a visit to Universal Studios is a must!
Santa Monica
Enjoy the views and art at the Getty Centre in Santa Monica, where you'll also find the best beaches on your holiday in Los Angeles.
A trip to L.A. is never complete without a trip to Disneyland - it's an adventure wonderland for both kids and adults! Plus, it's also within driving distance from famous Rodeo Drive so shoppers can experience one of the world's most renowned shopping streets. Be prepared to burn some cash.
Museum Row
L.A.'s historic Museum Row has countless places to fascinate you for hours. Discover ancient species at the Page Museum at La Brea Discoveries and don't miss out on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art - it features pieces that cover the whole gamut of the city's cultural history. It's also near The Grove, the city's famous outdoor mall!
Mulholland Drive
Ride Mulholland Drive for a trip along one of the most famous pieces of tarmac on the planet - it's featured in numerous films and, as an added bonus, has great views of the city!

How to get to Los Angeles

Despite being far away on the west coast of the USA, it's perfectly possible to enjoy a holiday in 2017 with plenty of cash to splash thanks to the number of cheap Los Angeles flights that are available. Look for direct flights as they don't tend to be much more expensive than indirect, and will get you there in around 12 hours, compared to upwards of 15 for indirect flights. Some flights can even take over 36 hours, which will definitely cut into your Los Angeles holiday time so check your itinerary carefully!

The best method for onward travel on your cheap Los Angeles holiday is most definitely to secure car hire from the airport. Some hotels offer free transfers, which can be useful if you're not planning on travelling around much during you Los Angeles stay. It's certainly a city where the car is king and you will have a much easier time of things with your own wheels. Just think about all these aspects if you're looking at last minute deals.

Where to stay in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large and sprawling city and there is no real centre - rather the different districts have their own hubs and attractions. To work out where you want to stay on holiday in Los Angeles, it's better to think about the things you want to do whilst you're there. Santa Monica, Hollywood, Disneyland, Long Beach and the lesser known Anaheim, which is in the famous Orange County, are the most popular places to head to. These are not all strictly within the city so if you want a holiday in Los Angeles proper here is our brief guide to the main areas of the city:

Downtown - the old heart of Los Angeles, today it's undergoing a revival and is home to trendy boutique hotels and new bars, shops and restaurants.

Hollywood - also in a state of revival, this is the place for celeb spotting!

Westside - an affluent quieter area between Downtown and the coast, great if you want to be able to get away from it all on holiday in Los Angeles.

Wiltshire - offers plenty to do from admiring the historical Miracle Mile District to exploring the La Brea Tar Pits and dining in Koreatown, you certainly won't be bored here!

Eastside - lying between Downtown and Hollywood it's an underground hit with plenty of funky places to stay.

Harbor - a little out of the way, but great if you want to get out on the water, particularly for trips to Catalina Island, a haven for Scuba divers.

San Fernando Valley - a largely suburban area, a good place to search for cheap hotels to keep costs down for a cheap Los Angeles break.

South Central - home to the museums of Exposition Park, it's been associated with the dodgier side of the city for decades but it's cleaning up its act!

Package Holidays to Los Angeles

Package holidays to Los Angeles usually constitute a flight and a hotel. Adding these together may give you a better deal as holiday companies can combine special package rates they get with airlines with negotiated rates from hoteliers. Operators will also want to combine the car hire into the package as well so do explore this option. As well as saving you money, you will find your booking under one supplier and thus it is easier to alter options should you need to.