Quick Guide to Hawaii

This tiny cluster of islands is part of the USA, but holidays to Hawaii have a completely different feel from trips anywhere else in this huge country - not least because it's be several thousand miles away in the Pacific Ocean! There are over 100 islands in the archipelago, but only eight of them are popular destinations for holidays to Hawaii: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kaholawe, Maui and the island of Hawaii itself, which is usually referred to as Big Island to avoid confusion. With beaches, culture and natural beauty in abundance, Hawaii is a popular honeymoon destination and features on many a bucket list.

Fab holidays for:

Incredible hikes, Beautiful beaches, Lively nightlife


Kona, Hilo and Honolulu International Airport

Did you know?

Born in Hawaii, Barack Obama is the only president from outside the continental United States.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Hawaii


From soaring volcanoes to palm-fringed lagoons, every single acre of Hawaii can be summed up in one word: stunning.

Big Island
On the Big Island, you will find waterfalls, dry lava lowlands and exotically coloured beaches from black to green, as well as snow capped mountains.
Maui, the second biggest island, has great surfing so grab a board and get going!
Oahu is the location of famous Pearl Harbour and boasts a lively nightlife.
Molokai has Hawaii's highest waterfall and is arguably the least developed of the islands. It was recently ranked 10th out of 111 world wide islands surveyed by National Geographic in terms of its environmental credentials, retention of local customs and visitor friendliness.
So beautiful it's known as the 'Garden Island', travel from the North to South shore and onto the Coconut Coast to see for yourself.

How to get to Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular destination for American honeymooners, but also a great place for UK travellers, despite a long flight of around 17 hours from London! To get to the other Hawaiian islands, there are internal Hawaii flights, ranging from 20 to 45 minutes. Once you get to your final destination, cheap Hawaii car hire is available at every airport, and there are shuttle buses and taxis on the islands.

Where to stay in Hawaii

To make the most of Hawaii holidays, decide what it is you really want to do when you get there. There's fishing, scuba diving, cliff climbing and other plenty of other activities that are specific to each island, but you can't go wrong on the Big Island. You find the cheast holidays to Hawaii outside of peak of season, in spring and autumn, but if price is not the only consideration, holidays to Hawaii mean good weather most of the time. There is a huge selection of accommodation, whether you're looking for historic hotels, luxury high rises overlooking the ocean, trendy boutiques or short-term self catering apartments.

When to go to Hawaii

When the northern hemisphere falls into the depths of winter is when Hawaii shines - visitors flock there to avoid the chill from December until March. It's also popular during American holidays, particularly over Christmas and New Year, and Spring Break. However, Hawaii weather doesn't fluctuate by much, usually sitting in the mid-to-late 20°Cs and a relatively small amount of rain fall from October until March. The best time to visit Hawaii if you're hoping to save some pounds is in autumn and mid-to-late spring, when the weather is glorious and prices are on the lower end of the spectrum.