Quick Guide to Oahu

The most populated of all the idyllic Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, and boasts the kind of turquoise seas and golden beaches that make it worth journeying halfway around the world to. Home to the bustling Hawaiian state capital of Honolulu, you'll never be short of things to see and do.

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How to get to Oahu

You won't be able to fly directly to the island, but there are plenty of carriers offering indirect flights to Oahu from the UK. Airlines such as US Airways and KLM fly out from destinations including London Gatwick and Manchester, and flights land at Honolulu International Airport which is eight kilometres from the city centre. Buses run from the airport to Honolulu throughout the day, and there are plenty of taxis available too. Once you arrive, it's definitely worth renting a car during your Oahu holiday, which will give you the freedom to explore this breathtakingly beautiful island.

Where to stay in Oahu

Honolulu, and particularly the Waikiki region, has absolutely every hotel and lodging option you could ask for, whether you fancy splashing out on beachside hotels in Oahu, or are looking for a budget guesthouse or hostel. Outside of Honolulu, there aren't a great deal of hotel options, but there are vacation apartment rentals available if you fancy turning your holiday into a month-long stay in paradise. For those who love hiking, the Leeward Coast is the ideal base for trekking up Ka'ena Point but with limited accommodation you need to book well ahead of time.