Quick Guide to Bahamas

As brand advocates go, you don't get better than Christopher Columbus. If the explorer who discovered America likes what you've done with the place, you know you're onto a good thing. Bahamas holidays can stake such a claim - he bumped up against these paradise landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history in the process. Now, this abundance of islands, islets and cays, nibbled by crystalline cerulean waters and framed by palm trees welcome all sorts of visitors from all over the world - cheers Chris! Although not technically part of the Caribbean, you could be forgiven for forgetting this as you gaze upon clear waters and stunning beaches. A beach holiday in ##seoyear## suddenly looks a lot more luxurious.

The Bahamas aren't just a pretty face, though. There's plenty of history behind those model-gorgeous looks - from pirates, to rum smugglers, from ancient treasure chests and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (ok...so that one might not be true), it's got the goods to back up its beauty.

Fab holidays for:

Picture-perfect beaches, Lucayan National Park, Watersports


Grand Bahama International Airport

Did you know?

The ratio of flamingos to people on Great Inagua, the southernmost district of the Bahamas, is 61:1.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Bahamas


The Bahamas is the supermodel of beach holiday destinations and everyone knows it. What some might not realise, however, is there's plenty of ways to enjoy this sun-kissed collection of islands.

One of the most obvious reasons is for what the Bahamas is most famous for - sugar-white shores, crystalline waters, swaying palms and the feeling that you've just stepped into a holiday brochure.
Snorkelling & Diving
Head to the Freeport and Lucaya area and take advantage of oceans home to countless incredible creatures. Snorkel and dive around fascinating shipwrecks and even sharks!
The beaches aren't the only things that makes the Bahamas as beautiful as it is. Go inland and visit the likes of Rand Nature Centre, Hydroflora Gardens, Lucayan National Park and offshore Petterson Cay for stunning natural beauty.
You wouldn't necessarily think the Bahamas had great nightlife but the stunning surrounds are decidedly lively when night falls. Take your newfound tan for a night on the town in the many bars, clubs and restaurants in the Freeport and Lucaya area. There's even a casino if you're feeling lucky.
There's plenty of delicious morsels to sink your teeth into in the Bahamas, especially after all the dieting you may or may not have undergone pre-holiday. There's tons of restaurants in the Grand Bahama Island, Port Lucaya Marketplace is known for its American-Bahamian cuisine and ethnic eateries and, for an authentic Bahamian experience, you should opt for the outdoor fish fry at Outrigger's at Smith's Point.

Beach Holidays in the Bahamas

Beach holidays in the Bahamas are given honeymoon-status, dripping in glamour, boasting postcard-perfect beaches and attracting celebrities on yachts that go on for days. Explore beneath warm waters, diving past shipwrecks long forgotten past wide-eyed fish and curious turtles. Rum-fuelled parties take place alongside calm waters and the heady atmosphere lasts long past the suns sets.

A holiday in the Bahamas involve choosing between 2,000 breathtaking Bahamas islands and cays. Most notably is Treasure Cay Beach, a seven-mile stretch of sugar-white sand. The Exumas put up a good fight, with its impossibly clear waters providing some of the best snorkelling in the entire Bahamas.

For a beach with a difference, head to the pink sand beach, aptly named Pink Sands. The aptly-named shores are, in fact, pink and spread over 35 miles on the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean sides of Eleuthera Island.

Secluded Grand Bahama Island has a reef-protected shoreline and an impressive 90 miles of white-sand shores. Long Island's crown jewel is Cape Santa Maria - it's out done not only other beaches in Barbados but is often ranked as one of the best in the world.

There's really no such thing as bad beaches in Barbados so sit back, sip on that rum cocktail (complete with an umbrella on top) and wonder why you haven't moved there permanently. You'll be hard-pressed to choose between the best beaches in the Bahamas.

How To Get To The Bahamas

Cheap flights to the Bahamas are relatively easy to come by, with just a little bit of research. The main airport in the Bahamas is the Nassau International Airport, which is about 12 kilometres from Nassau, the capital city. There are great transport links all around the country, ensuring that Bahamas holidays are as stress free as possible. If you can afford to be flexible with your flights, it can pay to wait until the last minute. Often airlines will sell leftover seats at an ultra-discounted price, saving you money!

What To Do In The Bahamas

There is a wealth of new and fun activities to try when on Grand Bahama holidays. Try diving in the crystal clear waters or water skiing on it, or if you prefer to stay on dry land then there are plenty of great golf courses to play on. You could also try island hopping if you're feeling adventurous and want to see more of the country! Holidays to Bahamas are never dull and you're sure to find something fun to do.

Sail the sparkling blue waters to Abacos, or dive in Andros' deep blue holes. Kayak the countless cays around Exumas. Take a load off on Eleuthera's beaches or dance the night away in Nassau. There really is a Bahamian island to match most every water-and-sand-based desire, and all come with the expected shimmering blue waters and glorious white sands. Tasty.

Drop off the grid for a bit in the Out Islands. Prices remain high but there's more bang for your Bahamian buck, with friendlier service, fewer crowds and a relaxed vibe.

Where To Stay In The Bahamas

When it comes to accommodation, there are a lot of luxury hotels. The Bahamas has plenty more to offer however, with more affordable hotel deals available if you do some extra searching. For example, for a romantic trip, an intimate and cosy guesthouse would be lovely. For families and other larger groups, there are plenty of international hotels, or if you want to treat yourself why not stay in a luxurious island resort. All inclusive is very popular and can provide great value for money. With such a wide range of accommodation, holidays to this country are affordable for every type of budget.