Quick Guide to Cagliari

Cagliari is the gateway to Sardinia and the largest settlement on the island, with classic architecture, stunning views of the ocean and full of life and culture.

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How To Get To Cagliari

You can get direct cheap flights to Cagliari in peak seasons with Elmas Airport acting as the landing site, although you may have to transfer via Rome if these are unavailable. Alternatively, many choose to arrive by ferry from various mainland destinations. Once you have arrived you can use car rental in Cagliari to get around or jump on the public transport for cheap holidays in Cagliari.

What To Do In Cagliari

Cagliari is a city of two halves, with the historic section having a distinctly different feel to the modern, developed area. The centre is home to the Castello, an area which is still surrounded by ancient fortifications which kept it as a seat of power, along with a number of monuments, including churches and the Cathedral. In the modern district there are museums dedicated to various subjects, along with great opportunities to get a little bit of shopping done. The surrounding area is home to wildlife sanctuaries which are also well worth a visit during Cagliari holidays.

Where To Stay In Cagliari

Cagliari has many fine hotels and apartments to rent during your stay and if you are trying to save money during your holidays to Cagliari there are plenty of promotions and offers to take advantage of in the various accommodation sectors. Cagliari holidays will always be about the daily activities and if you are just looking for somewhere to crash in the downtime then you will not be disappointed.