Quick Guide to Cayman Islands

Sandy white beaches and crystal blue seas make the Cayman Islands a Caribbean gem with many cheap hotels in the Cayman Islands to choose from. Home to some of the best diving in the world, the Bloody Bay Marine Park's a must visit. The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park's a great place for walking enthusiasts - be sure to look out for the iguanas! Despite the name, Hell is far from hell on earth, and its black lava formations make fascinating viewing. Animal lovers should take a trip Boatswain's Beach to get up close and personal with the turtles.

At the moment there are no direct flights to Cayman Islands but there are many indirect routes from most UK airports with Air Canada, British Airways and Continental Airlines just a few of the airlines flying into the islands. There are plenty of taxis available at Owens Robert International Airport on Grand Cayman Island. However, if you're flying into the smaller airports it's worth contacting your Cayman Islands hotel first to see if they offer a pick-up service.

As Grand Cayman is only around 35 kilometres long, one of the easier ways to get around is by renting a car ? you do however have to be over the age of 21. A temporary driving licence is needed and these can be obtained from the local police station or the car rental agency. Make sure you shop around as there's quite a few agencies on the island to choose from.

You may think the Caribbean's expensive but you can grab a great bargain if you book your hotel in the Cayman Islands well in advance. Although it may be the wet season during May to November this doesn't necessarily mean that it'll rain every day of your Cayman Islands holiday ? the weather can still be pleasant enough for you to come away with a nice colour! Booking during this time can help secure a cheap Cayman Islands hotel.

Alcohol can be quite expensive in the Cayman Islands even if you buy it from the local supermarkets. Instead take advantage of the duty free on your flight to the Cayman Islands. By thinking ahead and making some canny decisions at the start of your holiday, you could be basking on one of those iconic white beaches with your very own homemade cocktail in hand! When eating out opt for locally produced food such a freshly-caught fish as it's cheaper because it's not imported.