Quick Guide to Detroit

A holiday to Detroit may not be the first city that comes to mind when you plan a holiday to America but you'd be mad to dismiss it. Detroit is home to many historic neighbourhoods such as Mexicantown, Greektown and Corktown – they're perfect if you fancy treating yourself to an authentic dinner. If you fancy sightseeing then the Detroit Museum of Art and the Renaissance Center shouldn't be missed. Finally sports fans should try to catch a mighty NFL Lions football game or a Detroit Red Wings hockey game – the atmosphere's electric!

There are no direct flights to Detroit from the UK but you can purchase an indirect flight. Delta, KLM, Air France and American Airlines are just a few of the airlines that offer indirect flights. One plus of point of indirect flights is that you'll have a broad range of airports from all over the UK to choose from. You'll fly into Detroit Metro Airport which is located around 41 kilometres away from the city centre.

Once you arrive for your Detroit holiday you'll have to figure out how to reach your final destination. One of the best ways to travel to your accommodation is by hiring a car in Detroit - this will also allow you to have greater freedom throughout your holiday. Although there may be various car rental agencies at the airport it's best to book your car hire well in advance if you're on a budget – you'll find some great deals. If you's rather not hire a car in Detroit you can catch the bus into the city.

With so many types of accommodation ranging from basic motels to luxury hotels, you'll have no problem finding a cheap hotel in Detroit. The trick is to make sure you book well in advance to secure the best deal. The peak season is during the summer months of July and August – this is reflected in the prices and it can get expensive. If you're on a tight budget try to stay away from taking your holiday in Detroit during these months if you can. Instead book to visit the city in the autumn. By mid-October the colours in the city will look beautiful.

Eating out can become very expensive especially you plan on during it three times a day during your holiday in Detroit. Instead of forking out in restaurants take advantage of the beautiful parks on offer and plan a picnic. Simply take a trip to the local supermarket and pick up a blanket. The Campus Martius Park is the perfect base to spend the afternoon people watching - see you can find all the monuments in the park.

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