Quick Guide to Kefalonia

Also known as Cephalonia, Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands in Western Greece, best known as being the setting for the fictional story "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". Breathtaking scenery with high rugged cliffs dropping to the sea and small friendly villages are what makes holidays here in Kefalonia so special. There's really nothing stopping you from experiencing it yourself in 2018 - start keeping your eyes peeled for great package holidays.

Fab holidays for:

Tranquil island getaways, A taste of the Greek life, Captain Corelli's Mandolin scenery spotting


Kefalonia Island International Airport

Did you know?

Goats and rabbits living on Kefalonia have golden teeth, due to their mineral rich diet!

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Top 5 Beaches in Kefalonia


There's no shortage of incredible beaches on Kefalonia, just perhaps a limited amount of time to see them all. Plan wisely - leaving Kefalonia without sinking your toes into the silky sands of these natural masterpieces is almost a crime.

Myrtos Beach
Consistently named as one of the most stunning beaches in all of Greece, Myrtos is a dramatic white pebble beach contrasting against the sheer cliffs and dazzling blue sea. It's a popular spot for both sun-worshippers and photographers, but come prepared for a winding drive down the cliff.
Skala is one of the busiest resorts on Kefalonia, but there's plenty of space for all the holidaymakers on the three-kilometre-long beach. The nearby beaches are worth a visit too, such as Potamaki Beach which is home to endangered loggerhead turtles.
Lots of lovely sand beaches line the coast at Lassi. Makris Gialos Beach is where you want to head for watersports and beach bars, Kalamia Beach is set in a quiet cove to the north and Gradakia Beach has clear waters making it a great spot for snorkelling.
Unique among beaches on Kefalonia, Xi has red sands that only gradually slope into the Ionian waters. There's lots of natural clay here - coat yourself up in it when you visit; it's said to take years off!
With crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, Antisamos beach is simply beautiful. Obviously Hollywood thought so too - scenes from Captain Corelli's Mandolin were filmed here.

Kefalonia Beach Holidays

Kefalonia sprung into the limelight thanks Captain Corelli's Mandolin but it stayed in travellers' sights because of its breathtaking beauty, and well, its many spectacular beaches - not to mention a variety of all inclusive resorts. The main beach resorts are spread along the south-west coast: Lassis, Lourdas and Skala. Myrtos and Antisamos beach, both famous for their blindingly white shores and crystal clear waters, are remote and almost always require you to rent a car in Kefalonia.

Lassi's beautiful beaches are conveniently located near the airport and Kefalonia's capital of Argostoli so you won't have to travel far to start your beach holiday in Kefalonia. With two beautiful beaches to its name, it has plenty of watersports and sun beds to contend with its popularity as well as a handy beach bar or two. If you want to explore further afield, there are plenty of excursions that will take you to the many undeveloped beaches along the south coast.

Lourdas is 17 kilometres southeast of Argostoli - its beautiful hillside setting boasts beautiful views of the sea and it has beautiful waterfalls peppering the lush vegetation of the mountains. Mount Aenos provides the backdrop for the white sandy beach and the main road sits above the shore, with plenty of restaurants, cafes and local shops to tempt you off the beach.

Skala is another one of Kefalonia's most popular beach resorts, its Blue Flag-awarded shores and watersports attracting an assortment of tourists and locals alike.

How to get to Kefalonia

There is a small airport on the island, between the capital of Argostoli and the main resort of Lassi. It usually accepts the majority of flights on Tuesdays and Sundays, so be sure to book your flights on one of these days, or you'll be in for a long stop-over! There are also a range of ferries from the Greek mainland, other islands and Italy.

When to go to Kefalonia

Kefalonia is at its busiest during July and August, coinciding with the school holidays. If this is when you plan to travel we recommend booking early to get the best cheap holidays you can find. These are also the hottest months of the year, so if you're ok with a cheaper, cooler and quieter getaway aim for a last minute holiday in late spring or early autumn. If you're visiting Kefalonia to see its forested interior then the cooler months will suit you and you'll be able to snap up some bargain accommodation. However, there are no direct flights during the winter.