Quick Guide to Lesbos

Well known for its stunning weather and peaceful scenery, Lesbos is a Greek island that's great for sampling delicious local food too. There are numerous tavernas where you can sit and enjoy the view with traditional dishes at great prices. There are also plenty of hiking and walking trails, fantastic beach resorts, and peaceful pine forests that are waiting to be explored. Holidays in Lesbos can be all about the sun, sea and sand, but they can also be filled with sights and of course, food!

Confusingly, Lesbos can also be called Lesvos or Mytilene, but rest assured they are all the same beautiful island!

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How To Get To Lesbos

Lesbos is the third biggest island in Greece and has its own international airport, Mytilene Odysseas Elytis Airport. When booking Lesbos holidays, bear in mind that flights to this airport are restricted to certain days of the week, so the alternative to booking a flight to Lesbos, is to book one to Athens and then fly into Mytilini airport from there, although this will usually increase the price of your Lesbos holiday.

It's best to book your transfer included in your Lesbos holiday package as this is generally the cheapest way to get to your accommodation and the easiest too. If you're after really exploring the island then you could cheap Lesbos car hire hire a car from the airport, but remember that most resorts will also offer scooter rental which is a fun way to get around too.

What To Do In Lesbos

Holidays in Lesbos provide an opportunity to explore picturesque villages and to sample the delicious local food in restaurants and tavernas. The real crown jewels are its beaches, as with any dreamy Greek destination. The best can be found on the south-facing coast in Skala Eressou and Vaterá. Don't expect sandy shores, however. The landscapes tend to be rocky but there's still beauty to be found. And the fact that it's the third largest Greek island after Crete and Évvia hasn't escaped anyone's notice.

If you can drag yourself away from the beach during the day then the Genoese castle in Mytilini, the petrified pine forests and the mineral springs are awaiting.

Lesbos also has more than a few good restaurants in its repertoire. The Anaxos Bar & Restaurant, Omega Restaurant & Bar and Naos Restaurant are all crowd pleasers.The local drink, Ouzo, is very popular wherever you may end up! Cheap holidays to Lesbos in 2018 definitely have a certain appeal. Get yourself over to our Lesbos guide for more.

Where To Stay In Lesbos

There are plenty of options on holidays in Lesbos with everything from all inclusive and five-star hotels to holiday lettings and self catering apartments. You can rest assured there are a myriad of cheap hotels to be found in general.

Mytilene is a great place to base yourself if you're after a mix of things on your Lesbos holiday whilst sightseeing fans will be very happy in Molivos and beach lovers will love Eressos. Vatera is one of the longest beaches in Greece whilst Skala Sykamnias is particularly known for its tavernas which serve plenty of freshly-caught local fish. Last minute holiday in Lesbos, anyone?