Quick Guide to Rhodes

The most popular Greek island, and the largest of the Dodecanese, Rhodes has long been visited by tourists, maybe because it sees the sun for more days a year than any of the others! It's well known for its all inclusive package resorts, but holidays in Rhodes can offer so much more. It's home to many Greek myths and a wealth of culture, historic mountain towns and villages, not to mention the deserted stretches of sand and hidden coves.

How to get there
The major tour operators are usually the best bet for a cheap holiday to Rhodes, as the major budget airlines don't fly there. You can fly from Manchester, London and Glasgow and some smaller regional airports such as Belfast, Birmingham, Newcastle and Bristol. There are many operators offering complete package holiday to Rhodes including flights and a hotel bargain in Rhodes. Alternatively, you can fly with British Airways, Olympic Airlines and many other scheduled airlines for your holidays in Rhodes - flights to Rhodes take approximately four hours from London.

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UNESCO Heritage sites, Last-minute sunny holidays, Beaches


Rhodes International Airport

Did you know?

Nike's symbol is said to be inspired by the Greek Goddess Nike (Winged Victory), with the 'swoosh' sign meant to be her wing.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Rhodes


There are plenty of ways to spend your days in Rhodes but with such a well-rounded roster, you can flit from beaches to museums and finish a day off nicely with a fragrant glass of wine in hand. Not bad at all.

Cheap holidays in Rhodes don't have to be all about beaches - there are lots of castles and churches to be explored, which reveal the ancient history of the island. Head to Lindhos to see the Hellenestic remains which unlock a vital part of Rhodes' history.
Food & Wine
For the gastronomes and oenophiles, Rhodes holds a wealth of surprises. Have fun stumbling across the little tavernas which serve traditional local dishes, and various wine cellars found nestling in the many mountain villages inland: Kritinia, Profilia and Laerma, to name but a few.
With thirteen Blue Flag beaches amongst countless others, you've got a wide range of sandy shores to pick from.
Rhodes is said to be the sunniest of the Greek islands so pack your bag and plan a sunshine-filled trip.
UNESCO Heritage Sites
Rhodes' Old Town is like an entrance into a world once forgotten. You can also visit the Palace of Grand Master of Knights, which is filled with artefacts from the Knights of St John.

Rhodes Beach Holidays

Amongst Rhodes' many historical attractions is exactly what you expect from sunny Greece - plenty of tempting shores to sink your toes into. You've got rocky coves, sprawling sandy shores and surfing paradises - enough to keep you busy on your beach holiday in Rhodes.

Lindos beach in Rhodes is one of the area's most popular, especially with families. It has a shallow inlet great for snorkelling, watersports abound and there a few tavernas and restaurants to offer a short respite from the sunshine. Walk around the corner and you'll find Pefkos beach, never as busy but with plenty of cafes and restaurants lining its shores.

Faliraki gives Lindos a run for its money with the crowds, and the party atmosphere, but the further you walk down, the quieter it gets.

Stegna beach is only around 29 kilometres from the capital of Rhodes, with rocky outcrops that are ideal for fishing and snorkelling.

Ixia beach can be found on the west of the island and due to high windows is frequented by plenty of suffers, of the board and kite variety.

Don't forget to try out the crystal clear seas of Kalathos beach on your Rhodes beach holiday (and sip on a few cocktails from its beach bar) or head off to romantic Anthony Quinn beach, the smallest but loveliest of Rhodes' bays. The fresh grilled fish there is worth a taste!

When to go to Rhodes

For really cheap holidays in Rhodes, it's probably best to avoid July and August: this island is extremely popular and prices will definitely not be at their lowest in the midsummer months. The temperature can be sweltering then too, at around 33C or above, and this can sometimes continue into September. Often, the best time for Rhodes holidays, if you like it a little cooler, is in spring when all the flowers are in full bloom and the temperatures are more comfortable, at around 20 to 25 degrees C. April, May and October are usually the most pleasant, during which you can find plenty of cheap holidays in Rhodes.

What to do
Rhodes holidays can be all about beaches, as there are certainly plenty of different types to choose from. The island has a load of almost hidden small sandy coves, such as Kopria, Paliochora and Glyfada to name a few: even better than heading straight to these, why not hire a car and try finding your own, then keep the secret it to yourself? Or, for something a little more exotic, try Prasonisi. The north-west and south-east of the island are the two corners where there are large concentrated areas of very developed tourist resorts, but their limited location means they are easy to avoid if that's not what you're after. And if you want a cheap holiday to Rhodes for the excellent windsurfing, head to the windier west coast, well known for its ideal conditions for this exhilarating sport.