Quick Guide to Skopelos

Skopelos is a little known holiday destination which is perfect for those after a wonderfully serene holiday where you really can get away from it all. The scenery consists of small coves, pebbled bays, lush green scenery, and rambling olive groves. Beat the crowds and consider Skopelos when booking holidays to Greece.

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How To Get To Skopelos

Your Skopelos holidays will start with a flight either to Athens International Airport or Skiathos, depending on your tour operator. If you arrive into Skiathos you will need to take the ferry to Skopelos, which takes approximately an hour and a half. Travelling time can be cut to an hour if you manage to the get the hydrofoil. Transfer times from Athens take between four and five hours, depending on the modes of transport.

What To Do In Skopelos

Often holidays to Skopelos evoke feelings of mystique and intrigue as you wander around the hidden coves that can only be reached by foot, witness the hidden pirate graves or climb to the castle ruins that overlook the town. For more structured exploring, there are frequent organised walking tours that will guide you through the quaint villages and churches taking in the scent of the pine forests as you go.

Where To Stay In Skopelos

Skopelos Town is shaped like an amphitheatre, with cute little whitewashed houses built around the harbour. There are plenty of accommodation choices with a wide range of prices, so if you're looking for cheap holidays in Skopelos you will find them readily available in the form of self catering apartments. Equally, if you're looking to spoil yourself you won't be disappointed with the range of four and five star accommodation available for your Skopelos holidays.