Quick Guide to Naples Italy

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How to get to Naples

For Naples holidays, there are direct, cheap flights to Naples from some of the major airlines as well as the budget carriers. For example, from London, you are just under three hours away from this magnificent port on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Car hire from Naples Airport allows you to explore the city itself and to travel up the coast, for what some say is the most romantic drive in Italy. The flights land about two km from central Naples.

What to do in Naples

Holidays to Naples should start with a walk through the historic quarter down to the waterfront at Santa Lucia. From there you can see the Castel dell'Ovo over the Gulf of Naples. Do make a day trip to Pompeii, the ancient city destroyed by Vesuvius in AD79. You can also visit Herculaneum, which was covered by lava and left villas and even some residents, eerily preserved. The catacombs of San Gennaro date from the second century and are full of early Christian art.

Where to stay in Naples

As with elsewhere in the south, living costs are much less than in northern Italy, and accommodation prices are lower than a lot of other big Italian cities - good news if you're looking for a cheap holiday in Naples. There are bed and breakfasts in quaint, historical buildings and some boast outstanding views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. There are also centrally located family hotels, villas and guest houses. At the budget end of the spectrum, Hostel of the Sun has been voted the one of the top five hostels worldwide.

Which uk airports fly direct to naples

You can fly direct to Naples from a number of London airports with low cost airlines, traditional carriers and charter companies. Fly from London Gatwick, Luton or Stansted. If you are travelling from the West Country then the best availability can be found through Bristol airport. From the Midlands, you can depart from Birmingham and East Midlands. Flights from North go direct from Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds/Bradford; whilst flights from Scotland go from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Not all flights operate year round, such as departures from Bournemouth, so do check a range of airports when comparing holiday packages. For those in Northern Ireland, the best option is to fly direct from Dublin.