Quick Guide to Sorrento

Sorrento has bags of Italian atmosphere to soak up despite its popularity as a resort destination for people from across the world, and it is about as full of character as a small town can get.

Fab holidays for:

Stunning coves, Last-minute summer holidays, Bar hopping


Naples Airport

Did you know?

Some years ago a pizza vending machine was installed in Sorrento, but after a year, after many controversies and disagreements, the council denied the permissions and the distributor has since disappeared.

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Top 5 Things to Experience in Sorrento


Sorrento holidays can be spent lounging in the sun, although this is not your typical beach destination because the sheer cliffs of the area do not give you a huge amount of open sand.

Bay of Naples & Mount Vesuvius
Sorrento is the ideal place to view the Bay of Naples and the imposing bulk of Mount Vesuvius.
It is close enough to Pompeii to allow trips up to see this famous archaeological site.
The island of Capri is just a boat ride away to make your holidays to Sorrento complete.
Bagni della Regina Giovanna
Bagni della Regina Giovanna sits just outside Sorrento. This inviting natural pool has waters that seem to shimmer blue, green and violet.
Ice cream
Gelateria Primavera boasts 80 different flavours and a celebrity clientele including the Pope. It's as good a referral as any!

How To Get To Sorrento

People who take Sorrento holidays will usually arrive by road or rail from one of Italy's larger hubs, and the nearest airport at Capodichino, close to Naples, accepts both domestic and international flights. Sorrento is a place many people visit as part of a tour of Italy and if you want to make the most of your stay then look for car rental at Naples airport and forge your own way across this historic land (make sure your holiday accommodation has car parking!).

Where To Stay In Sorrento

Sorrento is a resort-orientated destination, so Sorrento hotels are definitely geared towards the package tour crowd. You can get cheap holidays in Sorrento which still feature quality accommodation and facilities because there is such a high demand for the place, so even people on a limited budget will be able to find somewhere to stay.