Quick Guide to United States

There is most definitely no such thing as a typical holiday in the United States of America! Spanning 50 states including Hawaii, which lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Alaska which stretches into the Arctic Circle, including the almost-Caribbean southern tip of Florida and the deserts of Nevada, the natural diversity in landscape and weather is simply astonishing! And that's before you even get to all the cities and attractions!

From the laid-back lifestyle of Californian cities like San Francisco to the busy urban sprawl of New York and the bright lights of Las Vegas, it seems there is even more variation in holidays to the USA when you want to visit a city than when you want to get out into the great outdoors!

One of the most popular holidays to experience the country is to embark on a USA road trip. Cars are the ubiquitous method of travel in the USA and getting behind the wheel is both a rite of passage and the easiest way to get around. There are numerous road trips to choose from - so don't forget your map and head off into the sunset.

Our Top USA Destinations

New York City - The city that never sleeps, and the home of the cupcake revolution. What's not to love?

San Francisco - Colder, quainter and calmer than LA, this Californian city still offers an amazing alternative scene and amazing monuments in the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

Orlando - Too many theme parks to pick from! Do you head to Seaworld? Universal Studios? Walt Disney World? Busch Gardens? Meh! We say make sure you visit them all.

Other Destinations in United States

Top 6 Holidays to have in the US


The choice of where to go on your holiday to the USA can be bewildering! If you want to see more about many of the top destinations, head over to our USA page where you will find links to all the major hotspots. We've broken down the USA holiday destinations into different categories so that you can start to narrow the choices down, and here's our USA hotel search tool and our Last Minute deals page, to help you snag some bargains. Just send us a postcard to thank us!

City Holidays in the USA
New York is obviously the quintessential USA city break destination, and amazing for longer holidays too. New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas are all winners as well - you'll be heading back for another USA holiday before you know it.
Historical Holidays in the USA
Boston has a great heritage, and Washington DC is probably the ultimate in historical holidays to the USA. This is where museums and monuments abound, getting you up-close and personal with the country's past.
Relaxing Holidays in the USA
There are plenty of laid-back destinations in the USA, and some of the best are the Florida Keys, most of the Californian coast and Rhode Island, not forgetting Hawaii of course!
Family Holidays in the USA
Orlando with its many theme parks must rate pretty highly on all kids' holiday wishlists, and the multitude of attractions sure is hard to beat. Disneyland Resort in California is also popular, whilst cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC have plenty to keep the whole family amused.
Adventure Holidays in the USA
One thing's for sure, there are plenty of ways to get a thrill on holiday in the USA, so be ready to throw yourself in. How about kayaking past the icebergs in Alaska, rafting through the Grand Canyon, or skiing in one of the many resorts like Jackson Hole in Wyoming or Snowbird in Utah?
Nature Holidays in the USA
The National Parks are a huge attraction for many people who head over for USA holiday, and there sure are plenty to choose from. Some of our favourites are Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains!

Getting to the USA

The USA covers a massive area and no fewer than six time zones, so your travelling time will vastly depend on where you are heading to, and whether you can get direct flights. But the good news is that you don't have to worry about a visa - you can travel for up to 90 days without one. That should be enough time to explore on your holiday to the USA!

If you're after a holiday on the USA East Coast, expect to be able to find a range of direct flights to the main airports including several in New York, Boston, Chicago, Florida and Washington DC. The flight time will be between seven and eight hours and it's not unheard of to hop over the "pond" for a long weekend! Just don't expect to return to work feeling well-rested!

By contrast, getting to the West Coast will involve at least 10 to 11 hours before you can properly start your holiday to the USA. You will find direct flights to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Seattle. Many other destinations on the West Coast as well as in the centre of the USA, such as Colorado, St. Louis and Dallas are usually reachable with stopovers along the way. Make sure you check your itinerary carefully though, as a longer stopover or more changes won't necessarily be cheaper, and you want to spend as much of your precious holiday time in the USA enjoying this fantastic country! For both the east and west coast, waiting until the last minute to book your flights can pay off - just make sure you're flexible with your dates!

When to go on holidays to the USA

Thanks to the amazing diversity, you can head off on holidays to the USA at any time of year. There are certain times of year when particular holidays are more popular, such as New England in Autumn, but a little research will help you avoid sky-high prices. You could time your visit to coincide with one of the annual events when you head over in 2015. For example, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is a quintessential part of New York life, or you could join in the brightly coloured celebrations in San Francisco for Gay Pride in June. For something nature-related fly out to Alaska for some great whale watching in April and May.