11 cheap tricks for cheap flights

Cheap flights are out there and you don’t have to get up at 4am to catch them (although sometimes that helps). Here are the best tricks I’ve found for snagging a great flight deal.

  1. Plan ahead: check out prices over a few weeks so that you’ll know a good deal when you see it.
  2. Sales smart: identify the airlines that fly your route and keep an eye out for their sales.
  3. Be flexible: (especially for short breaks): you can save a lot of cash by taking Monday off work rather than Friday and travelling Saturday to Monday instead of Friday to Sunday. Mid-week breaks are even cheaper.
  4. Avoid holidays: check for public and school holidays in your destination and try to avoid these dates.
  5. Be transfer smart: It’s not worth saving £20 with an early-morning flight if you have to get to the airport before public transport has started because you may end up spending even more on a taxi. It can be hard to convince a friend to give you a lift at 5am too!
  6. Use neighbouring airports: check fares to all the airports in the region. Smaller airports are often just as close or you can get a cheap train fare to the centre.
  7. Book online: airlines often offer web-only deals so it pays to book online.
  8. Try somewhere new: why not visit an up-and-coming region? Cheap flights are often easier to find and you’ll be ahead of the crowds.
  9. Use a price comparison site: OK I had to add it, price comparison sites are an easy way to search for cheap flights and what do you know you’re on one now!
  10. Be cheeky: if the price goes down just after you’ve bought your tickets don’t be afraid to ask for a discount.
  11. Carry on (one for the budget airlines): avoid extra fees by only bringing carry-on luggage, checking in online and paying by debit card.