Cities You Can Fly to for Under £50 Return

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City break bargains are up there as some of our favourite travel bargains, and you might be surprised how many cities you can fly to for under £50. This list isn’t covering everywhere you can get to for so little, but these are some of the most exciting cities we’ve found – all without any doubt worth the £50 airfare.
Alicante Many simply pass straight through Alicante, arriving at the airport and heading directly for Benidorm and the beaches of the Costa Blanca. But it is a buzzy holiday destination in its own right. If you’re looking for a city where you can eat delicious Spanish paella every evening and stay within easy reach of a beach, you’ve got it right here. But if you want a side order of sightseeing, head up to Santa Barbara Castle. Not only is it an impressive fortress, but you’ll get a beautiful view from where it sits at the summit of Mount Benacantil. Flights from £43 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Berlin Berlin can be a bargain to get to – and in the German capital you’ll have no end of activities to fill your days. If you’re on a bit of a budget then head for the free attractions. Those include visiting the glass dome that hovers above the German parliament, exploring the murals of the East Side Gallery or marvelling at the Brandenburg Gate which is set amid plenty of parkland for a pleasant stroll. And if you’re in the mood to do something a bit weirder with your break check out our guide to Berlin’s unmissable quirky experiences! Flights from £27 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Shannon Shannon is Ireland‘s second largest airport, which explains the easy availability cheap flights from much of the UK. You probably won’t want to spend your time in the city itself – why would you when you’re surrounded by the natural beauty of Ireland’s west coast? 14th century Bunratty Castle is just a 15-minute drive from the airport. As well as the imposing castle you can visit the recreated Victoria village complete with shops, characters, and traditional skills like stonewall building. If you’re ok with a longer drive then head to the Cliffs of Moher, just under an hour away. These towering green cliffs above the crashing Atlantic are one of the highlights of Ireland. Flights from £40 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Oslo The Scandinavian countries don’t have a reputation as the cheapest places to visit, which is why it might be a surprise to see Norway’s capital Oslo making the list – but airlines don’t seem to have got the memo – and we’ve seen lots and lots of cheap flights here. There are ways to have a Scandi break on a shoestring budget. Lots of the city’s first-rate museums are free to enter if you buy an Oslo Pass and there’s plenty to see just wandering the city streets. Flights from £31 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Barcelona The Spanish city of Barcelona needs no introduction. This city break favourite is on many must-visit lists thanks to its winning combination of beaches and art-filled streets. However, if you want to get there on the cheap you’ll find that flights can be an absolute steal in autumn and winter, which means you won’t have the call of the beach to distract you from Barcelona’s other numerous attractions. See Gaudi’s inventive architecture, including still-to-be-completed Sagrada Familia, and tuck into servings of tapas in the bars of the Gothic Quarter. Flights from £36 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Faro Faro is another often-overlooked destination. As the gateway to the glorious beaches of the Algarve, most people head off straight after their flight, but if you do stick around there’s plenty to enjoy. Start in the Old Town where you can wander historic streets, still showing their Moorish origins and pay a visit to the small bone chapel in the medieval Cathedral of Faro. The streets here are lined with cafes and restaurants – most moderately priced. You’ll find Faro’s more modern facade at the marina, and the lagoons of the Ria Formosa are a peaceful haven rich in birdlife. And if you are in need of a beach you only need to cross to Faro island to get your fix. Flights from £39 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Brussels It’s ok to be hungry before a city break to Brussels – you’re going to eat well on arrival. The sugar scent of waffles wafts through the medieval streets, and you’ll find an artisan chocolatier on practically every corner. In the evenings you can tuck into Belgium’s celebrated dish Moules-frites (mussels and fries) and wash it down with a glass or two of Belgian beer. Microbreweries were a thing here long before hipsters caught on. Catch a bargain flight and tuck in! Flights from £34 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017
Pisa You might have heard Pisa has a leaning tower you should visit – everyone needs a novelty photo after all. But once you’re done Instagraming what else should you see? Well, the tower is just one attraction at the Piazza dei Miracoli or Field of Miracles (the rest are less famous thanks to their ability to stand upright). There’s also the grand Cathedral of Pisa and circular Baptistery. Thanks to its large student population, Pisa is also a lively, youthful town with plenty nightlife and chic cafes to grab a cappuccino in. Flights from £28 rtn! Found on 15th June 2017

1. Alicante

2. Berlin

3. Oslo